Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feeling Empowered

Yep... I've FINALLY discovered the MAGIC that is the Google Calendar!!!  I had NO IDEA that it actually synced to my phone!!!!  FREEDOM!  SWEET FREEDOM!

Now for those of you who are NOT schedulers, let me tell you why schedules are so important and why this discovery, in particular, is so empowering to me.

Schedules free your mind - when you get your thoughts out of your head and placed into some kind of order (or plan) on paper, your brain is not taxed with the job of remembering.

Plans allow you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently - a plan maps out the best course to get you from point A to point B.  For example:  you know that you have to meet Judy on the west side of town for lunch, then be on the east side to pick up paperwork at the office, west side again to pick up flowers at the florist and finally north to pick up dry cleaning.  Well, planning your day allows your brain to go on auto-pilot.  All it has to do is follow the plan once it is made.  And the few extra minutes you took to THINK about your destination, an efficient route and set a plan means that you're meeting Judy for lunch and running to the florist since they are both on the west side before running north to pick up the dry cleaning and ending your day with running to the office to pick up the paperwork you need before heading home.  This plan is quicker, more efficient and flows allowing you to enjoy your day.  "When disposal of time is surrendered to chance, chaos soon reigns." ~ Victor Hugo

Best Laid Plans - Spending five minutes the night before will REALLY allow you to be on auto-pilot and enjoy a smooth day. You won't have the hustle and bustle first thing in the morning when your brain is still fogged from sleep.  You will also awaken with purpose right out of the gate and relieve a little stress and worry getting your day in gear.

A True Feeling of Empowerment - There are SOOOOO many things that we have absolutely NO control over.  How nice it is to set a plan, take control and accomplish some stuff.

Save A Ton Of Time - learning to THINK about accomplishing tasks, setting a plan and then how you will execute your plans really only takes a few minutes each night.  And when I say "a few", I really do mean it.  Gone are the days of writing a note to yourself that you then transfer to a day timer then cross reference with your to-do list, etc.  Oh no.... today I just input my "to do's" with "who to call" into my Google calendar and VIOLA!!!!  Everything is auto-populated onto my phone WITH alarms pre-set.  NICE!!!

And those few minutes you spend each night planning your day tomorrow saves you countless minutes the next day.  Get into a habit of planning your day, and you will get compounded time savings that you can then spend with your family or doing things you love.  Is anyone else excited about this Google Calendar discovery, or am I the last one to know about it???  Welp gang,  I'm WELL on my way to getting me some compounded time for myself.  Yep... EMPOWERED!!!  YAY TECHNOLOGY!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

But it really should say ... lunch with JULIE ... not Judy :)

FitterTwit said...

Names have been changed to protect the innocent! ;)