Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twilighty Goodness Coming!!!

Alright you guys.... I PROMISE.... Twilighty blog candy IS coming!!!!  I've just been so bombarded the past few weeks organizing my craft room (and, ok, distracted is also a good word.  I've been going to the movies A LOT and have seen Breaking Dawn like four times which is a little creepy-excessive even for me) and getting ready for the upcoming events that I'm planning for the new year that I just haven't quite put together the Twilight goodies that I'll be giving away.  But I will put it together and get it posted very soon.  I think I might run this blog candy give away through January as sort of a New Years treat.... hmmmm.  Ok, so that's it.  This was a quick post, I know, but writing this post made me want to pop over to the Harkins website and view Breaking Dawn show times for tomorrow.  Uh, I might need a little professional intervention here.  LOL!  Swing back by tomorrow... I'm posting a little "dilly" on my new Kindle Fire (spoiler:  it's a high fiver).


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hehehehehehe... I love you my Twi-geek! :):):):):):):):):):):)

frances joy said...

wow!!! i can wait for the breakin' dawn 2 but for this ahhh can't wait for the twilighty candy!!! been watched the break'g dwn for 3x only.. :) you are soooo generous and sweet.. you always wanted us to be happy :) :)