Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sparking A Fire

I'M IN LOVE!!!  Black Friday was less of an assault mission this year and more of a strategic mission for me as I had my sites on only one thing... the new Kindle Fire.

Recently Amazon released the Kindle Fire and my husband (mostly on his own) thought that it would make a great gift for me.  This time he hit the nail on the head.  Yes, I'm forfeiting opening gifts this Christmas, but if you've read my posts from Christmases past, you'll see this exact trend.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Not that the new player in the Kindle line up is overly expensive.  I picked up this baby for $199... it was all the extras that I also HAD to pick up to go along with it.  Because this device streams music, video, newspapers, magazines, books, documents and allows you to browse the web, there were a few items that I don't think I could have lived without.  Needless to say, that $199 price tag turned into a $350 price tag REAL quick with the purchase of a noise reducing headset, a folio cover that also allows my Kindle Fire to be propped up when watching movies (click HERE for deets), a skin and a screen protector.  Whew..... opening presents on Christmas morning is really over rated... right?!?

So, I've been using this oh-so-easy-to-use device since Black Friday and I'm here to tell you that I give this one a HUGE HIGH FIVE!!!  I LOVE the mobility, the screen quality, the ease of use, the versatility and most certainly the awesome cloud (that, BTW, was already filled with items that I've purchased through Amazon in the past!!!  That was a nice surprise!!!).  I discovered a movie that I purchased from Amazon months back, that had since gotten lost in the millions of files that I have saved on my desktop, just hanging out in the cloud when I was familiarizing myself with the new Fire.  There it was, already there just waiting for me to watch, and it just so happened that I was NEEDING to see Twilight In Forks again!  hahahahahaha!

Yep, I'm LOVIN this new gadget and with so many entertainment options in the palm of my hand, I don't foresee the fire that has been sparked with the new Kindle extinguishing anytime soon!!!

BTW, this is not a paid advertisement.... although it totally should be! ;)


Claudia Paniza said...

I too have the fire, and LOVE it!

Pocono Pam said...

I am sooooooo in loe with my new Kindle Fire as well. I named him SENOR FUEGO!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome!!! I want that too... but not in the cards right now!! LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Cely said...

thanks for the tip on the folio cover! i bought one for my husband for christmas and without the cover i think he would've been sad. LOL! great post!