Tuesday, September 6, 2011

La Push Baby... It's La Push! Part Two

WARNING: This post is pic heavy!!!

So here I am with part two of my visit to La Push... well, my FIRST visit.  You see this place is SO MUCH MORE than the gorgeous, life-force-recharging place that I showed you in yesterday's post.  It is actually quite the destination.  With a resort, cabin rentals, fishing charters and tribal activities (I missed the evening's drum circle bonfire... DANG IT), this place has plenty to offer to fill up an entire vacation.  I intend to return and stay for awhile; one day was just not enough!

Ok, this place blows Starbucks out of the water!  The morning necessity for coffee mixed with some Twilight handsome hunk fun equals Jacob's Java.  Sure to morph you in ten seconds flat!  hahahahaha!  WHY isn't this place nation-wide yet???

This one is just a revisit of the beauty I showed you in yesterday's post.  Check out that water!!!

The forest seemed to encapsulate La Push.  Do you see where the shadow line is?  It seemed like that line was EXACTLY the same when we arrived at La Push as when we left.  It was like that shadow line was the portal to my own personal fairy tale.

Along with the resort itself, there are MANY cabin rentals available at La Push.  Here are a few we drove by...

This is just really, really funny! :)

Gratuitous forest pic... hahahahahaha!  You know I had to do it!!!

Ok, that's it for my visit to La Push.  Stay tuned for my visit to Forks and the world of Twilight!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee these! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Alison said...

SO AWESOME!!!! I'm totally envious. But I am thrilled to see all of your fab pics! Thank you so much for sharing them!