Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Can't Find the "Good" In This One

This economy is HURTING so many people. You are hearing it on the news and even in my day to day, talking to people who are getting downsized and jobs being cut. It is unbelievable to think about the "chain reaction" of things. Gas prices effects food prices. Loss of housing effects the spending that ultimately effects businesses that effects future jobs....the list goes on and on. I spoke to someone yesterday who is in the medical field. People are not spending money on health care because they can't even afford to keep their heart is broken. Why, oh why, did our government choose to "bail out" all those banks when the people who put the money IN the banks need the "bailing out". Our government chose (ignoring "the people's" voice) to bail out the minority when the minority is dependent on the majority to spend the money they now have even less of because we are funding the bail out of the minority. That sounds to me like a never ending vicious cycle.

How do these people get in power? How is it that the people with the least amount of common sense wear the snappiest suits and get to override the voice of the people they are supposed to SERVE? In any other walk of life, they would be put on trial and made to pay for their crimes.
Isn't that the very reason we just exterminated Sadam Husain? He was hurting the people he was supposed to govern. Instead of governing, he was controlling. Isn't that what our government is doing? And not even discretely!

As I personally am trying to take a financial inventory in preparation for this Christmas season, it occurs to me that my silver lining is clouded this time. I am so disappointed in what we've allowed our government to become. I really just want to cash out retirements (if there is anything left) and move overseas, some place quiet and unassuming where the government openly controls without the smoke and mirror and facade that is our democracy. The only difference is that in America we have rights that we are choosing not to fight for (and clearly we still need to). We are currently fighting for other's right to choose while abandoning our own. WE are allowing our government to ruin us. How much more will have to occur before we decide that enough is enough and take it back. Someone said on a blog recently..."it's time for another tea party." I'll bring the cakes!

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