Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spiritual Beings in the Human Experience

So yesterday's blog was kind of a "downer". And just when I think that I am not going to find my "silver lining", the silver lining finds me. As I was flipping through the channels this morning I paused on a local morning program. I love it when that happens! When you see something you normally wouldn't look at or you hear something that "sticks" and you have no idea why, just to find out down the road that it was exactly what you needed to see or hear to help you in the knick of time.
Well this was it! The featured show guest was Mindy Mendelsohn speaking about our divine connection and how we are choosing to act and what part of us is influencing our decisions. To really look at what decisions we are making from moment to moment and what is REALLY influencing those decisions certainly boggles the mind. But I also think it gets us closer to really knowing ourselves...the real us inside this skin. Clearly my post from yesterday was getting in touch with my human-self worried about the state of our government, economy, my bills and affording this Christmas holiday. Like so many out there, I am finding my focus going toward the negative instead of realizing all the positive around me (something I thought I was so good at!). Mindy's appearance on that program this morning really brought me back to what I believe is important. I cannot feel bad enough to change a thing, but I CAN feel good enough and move mountains. I think that is important this holiday season. I somehow forgot that I believe an attitude of gratitude can literally save my life. Mindy....thank you for putting me in check! Ordinary people who do extraordinary things in spite of the circumstances they are faced with....THAT is the topic of my next blog, because we ALL have that opportunity right now. I think we all should check out Mindy's site to help us turn around this holiday season.

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