Thursday, May 16, 2013

From Horse To Chameleon

You got it... ANOTHER house post.  The countdown is on for us to close on our new home.  I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!  Of course I lay up at night designing and decorating my new home over and over plotting and planning every detail.  Of all the details, storage and "hiding spots" is always at the top of my list to keep my Chi flowing and my mind sane (well... as sane as it CAN be).  There is nothing that gives me greater joy in fulfilling all of that than an armoire.  This work horse does it all and wraps it in a beautiful package!!!

HELLO WORK HORSE!!!  Check out ALL that storage!!!  This gorgeous armoire comes with interior drawers and one exterior drawer accented with metal knobs.  This SOOOOO appeals to the decorator in me... that is SO my style!!!  This armoire also came equipped with an electrical outlet strip attached to the inside as well as a place to install a clothing rod:

And if you click on the second pic to enlarge it, you will see a panel in the back of the armoire that is perforated so that it can be "punched out" to accommodate a TV and entertainment components that can then be "hidden" inside this beautiful armoire when not in use.  There are also holes in the side to place pegs to install shelves (I removed the two shelves that came with so they are not pictured).  THIS THING IS BRILLIANT!!!  Seriously you guys, this piece of furniture is so attractive and so functional, I just can't think of anything else that could replace it.  This particular armoire is going to be used for clothing, but as my needs change so can this incredible piece.  Honestly, this work horse is really more like a chameleon, wouldn't you say???


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I love love love it!!!!

Krista said...

♥ you you silly girl!

Caryn Perkins said...

I love the inside storage drawers and how the doors fold all the way around when open!