Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calling All Crafters

Alright folks.... as is true of our wonderful community, we all have an opportunity to give to an AWESOME cause.  Betty, founder of Simply Betty Stamps and my beloved Burtonesque Dolls is dealing with a pretty unbelievable issue and WE can help!  Here's Betty's Story:

My son Christian 17, has had a sore throat for about a month now. The first doctor said it was tonsillitis's. Seven days of Amoxocillin was administered. Two days after the last pill, he was sick again, with a sore throat, and a fever. Back we went to put him on Caphlex... again seven days of antibiotics. On the fourth day he was not improving so we took him back. Ok it's strep now. They kept him on Caphlex but gave him a booster shot. Three full days of starting to get better, he was able to eat again, drink, and talk. He fell sick again on the fourth day, this time they took a culture and sent it to the lab. Monday I got a call that I needed to take Christian in to a specialist, well not just any specialist an Oncologist to go over his culture with me. That appointment was for today Friday, I have of course been stressed the whole time, day after day. When one is not given test results over the phone, one does not worry. When we are asked to come in to discuss the results something is up. The last thing I ever imagined, was to hear the doctor tell me that my 17 year old son has throat cancer. The first question out of my mouth was, "Is my son going to die?" I still can't believe I mustered enough energy to roll those words out of my mouth.

Christian has Stage 1 throat cancer, he will not die from it, but of course they can't ever say to me 100% no he is not going to die. That 99% that he is going to survive it, still puts a mother on edge. My son needs an operation immediately. We have had a series of bad luck, like everyone else due to financial situations. Our brand new Nissan broke down, no problem we will fix it when we fix it. Our house needs minor repairs, again no big deal it will get fixed when it gets fixed. My son needs an operation that will help him get well and be the class clown, kind hearted, silly kid he is... Now there's a problem! We can't just fix it when we fix it and let it sit. He will be going through testing for a week, as he has expressed his "bones" hurting as well. Doctors would like us to move quickly on the operation to prevent any further stages or other unpleasant issues. We live 1 1/2 hours away from the hospital, and you can imagine I do not want to be far from my son. I am not asking for a hand out, or pan handling is that the word? I am willing to offer my products at discounted rates in the hope that it will bring in what is going to be needed in the next week or two while we go through the motions. There are always extra medical bills as the insurance doesn't cover anyone 100%, we have a co-pay but have no idea where to pull it from, we don't have a magic top hat :(. I am not asking again, for a hand me down, just asking that if you ever wanted a Simply Betty Stamp, your purchase would be a blessing at this moment.

Thank you for taking the time to read and cross your fingers my son gets better.

The entire line is now available in both Digi and Clear stamp form, I am sorry I do not have extra discount codes on these as I am trying to bring in what is needed for my son's medical needs. However, I have lowered the prices and hope it is fair what I am asking for these fun cute characters.


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