Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From My Kitchen

Ok, so I could go into this whole long thing about all the stuff I'm gaga over, cuz you know how I'm gadget girl and all, but today's post is SUPPOSED to be about using (recycling?) things from your kitchen to create a project and to share a special recipe with everyone.  "BUT I WANNA TALK ABOUT GADGETS!!!!"  So we'll do the quick version of my favies and then get on with the real stuff!

#1 - What you see in the pic (below) is VERY misleading.  At first you just think that the nail heads shown are brads maybe????  NO WAY!  These nail heads are from the American Tag HomePro.  Now I don't have one in my possession (yet), but I got to use the one they have over at Paper Vineyard during a demo and FELL IN LOVE!!!  This thing is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Don't believe me??? CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE!  Those are just SOME of the embellishments you can add to your projects with this thing (yes, it does metal corners!!!)!  Needless to say, Paper Vineyard has a 20% PRE-Order sale going on and I was first on the list!  Mine will be here in about 3 weeks... I can hardly wait!!!

 #2 - isn't even part of this project other than it's my all-time-new favorite work surface.  It's the Tonic Studio Glass Cutting Mat.  Now the name implies that it's for cutting, and it is, but I use it for everything but.  It measures larger than the 12 x 12 paper that I put on it and wipes clean from everything I've put on it so far and is the PERFECT surface for stamping.  The rubber feet keep it in place and the measuring tools located right on the mat are invaluable....hey, wasn't this supposed to be quick???
Ok, #3 - is The Cinch.  You all probably already know that it's my favorite binding tool because it allows you to lay your work flat to punch the holes which makes it SOOOOO easy to use, but after using the Bind It All yesterday in Donna Salazar's class, I'm reminded how VERY DIFFERENT the two binding systems really are.  Yah, I'll keep my Cinch!  Note:  You CAN turn off holes so they don't punch as each hole is punched independently, but at the same time (it's weird, but will make sense when you use it)... I just didn't for this one.  I realized that I didn't have enough wire after I had already punched my holes. :)

So for my project, I added some clippings from can labels I have in my pantry.  I feel so green now!  And my recipe for today is Blueberry Delight.... now I'm feeling blue!  LOL!  This is a dessert that I make every Christmas for my son.... he requests it!  BTW, this wasn't supposed to be the quick part!


1 Ready Made Graham Cracker Pie Crust (2 pack)
2 16 oz. cans of blueberry pie filling
1 14 oz. can of crushed pineapple, drained
9 oz. of softened cream cheese
1/4 C. powdered sugar
Cool Whip Light, large tub
Fresh Blueberries (optional)

Before combining ingredients, take the drained crushed pineapple and press as much remaining juice as possible from the can.  I do this by pressing the pineapple to the bottom of the can with the back of a large spoon while tipping the can to drain the extracted juice.  Place the pineapple into a large bowl.  Combine the pineapple, cream cheese and powdered sugar and mix well (I use a hand blender).  Divide mixture equally between pie crusts.  Smooth and place in refrigerator to set, about an hour.  Top with blueberry pie filling and place in refrigerator to set again, about an hour.  Finally, spread a thick layer of Cool Whip Light and top with blueberries; chill and serve.



Marijo said...

This is awesome. Love the retro feel to it.

Love, Mindy said...

Love your blog! And loved taking your class last Sunday! I am so anxious for the "purple monster" - I think that's what you called it? I have a list of things I want to ask you...things to learn! :)