Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Giving It Another Go

A few years back I joined my local Curves and jumped on the Curves Complete bandwagon with HUGE success.  Since then I moved to an area that doesn't have a Curves, my husband was forced to retire from his job, I started a new job and life has been FULL of fun and mental changes (some not-so-fun).  How do I respond to a whirlwind of changes that gives me whiplash?  I stuff my face and DON'T do what I know I need to do to stay healthy and reach my goals.

Welp today I'm giving it another go.  I may not have a Curves near me, but I AM still part of the Curves online community and I have access to some pretty great resources and included in those resources is a meal planner complete with recipes and even an "on the go" menu that I lived on today until dinner.  While not advised to do on a daily basis, having "on the go" options means that you can stay on course when you are in a pinch! 
  • Breakfast:  Dunkin Donuts Ham and Egg Wakeup Wrap (went through the drive through so that I wouldn't be tempted)
  • Morning Snack:  Starbucks (iced latte, YUM)
  • Lunch:  Firehouse Subs, Steamer on wheat, no cheese, no mayo
And finally that leads me to dinner!!!  I ran to the store today and picked up everything I needed to make this INCREDIBLE Mediterranean Spaghetti!  This one features garlic hummus as the low calorie cream sauce and is loaded with chicken, tomatoes, onions, peppers, fresh basil olives and feta cheese to garnish.  And using quinoa noodles made this one gluten free and OMG so yummy!!!  This one is definitely a comfort food disguised as a healthy meal!!!  And the new Curves Complete recipes now has a new feature where you can control the amount of servings and it automatically adjusts the shopping list for you.  That feature didn't exist the first time I was on this program.  I'm hoping that it is little conveniences like that to give me the boost I need to make this happen..... FOR GOOD!!!!  Here's to giving this another try.  Now to dial it in on the exercises and 10,000 steps per day.  I KNOW my Curves Complete pedometer is around here somewhere!!!!

**** To the ladies at the Ahwatukee Curves... I miss you guys more than I can put into words!****

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How awesome!!! That looks YUMMY too!!!

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