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The Witch's Hat

Check out what I featured for my Spectrum Noir design team post today!!!  I figured, what could be better than a tutorial on coloring the creases and folds in a witch's hat???  After all, it IS the day before Halloween!!!  So once I had her colored, I KNEW exactly what I was going to do with her!!!  A coffin treat box of course!!! Isn't that coffin treat box CU-UTE???  I'll go ahead and list the Spectrum Noir colors I used to color this gorgeous little Saturated Canary witch from the Witchkeys digi (click HERE to get the digi) and then I'll post the tutorial pics for creating hat creases.   Witch's Hat, Dress and Shoes:  IG9, IG4, IG1 Accessories:  PL1, PL4, OR1, TN3 Skin:  EB1, EB2, IG3 Hair and Book of Spells:  TN7, TN3, TN1 "Best Witches" outlined with CG1 Ok, here's the tutorial: Ok, that does it!  Be sure to check the Spectrum Noir blog for MORE projects, tips and tricks from the rest of the Spectrum Noir d

Copy Cat

Ok, so this cat was copied (mostly) from the OH-SO-TALENTED YouTuber Becxstar123, you can check out her tutorial HERE .  I used Diamond FX in Black, White, Yellow and Orange.  I finished my eyes using Ben Nye Black shadow.  As I've been saying for weeks, the right brushes and the right products makes creating looks like this surprisingly easy.  My contacts are from and are SUPPOSED to be yellow cat eyes, unfortunately the yellow is so light that my blue eyes show through making those cat eyes look like a dingy green.  I really was hoping for yellow. Every pair of contacts I own have been purchased from and MOST of my contacts are perfect.  The only problems I've had are with the yellow pairs.  For whatever reason the yellow just isn't quite opaque enough and end up looking green. Also, a quick note about cat eye contacts as opposed to other contacts that have a round center.... the black slit in the eyes DO NOT STAY vertical!!!! 

Living Dead Girl

Ok, so my friend Bailey requested a Zombie look.... this one's for you Bailey!!!  This look is PERFECT for my blood red contacts ( )!  It makes this look seem a bit more "diseased"!!!  For this one I started with a white base and then layered purple, red and grey to create the zombie-like shadows.  I drew on the scratches on the eyes using my black eye liner.  SO SIMPLE!!!  I'm so hoping I get to redo this look on Bailey.... hopefully I can get her to model too! ;) 6 DAYS LEFT!!! UPDATE:  Since Bailey's request.... I also received a zombie request from my friend Krista. Maybe I can get them BOTH to model for us!?!  Fingers crossed!

Wigging Out

Ok, so a couple of days ago I featured a dark fairy.... well, on special request, here's my "light" fairy!!! Scroll to the bottom for complete instructions on how to fix a cheap wig or keep reading on how I did this fun Halloween makeup on a budget. So my makeup was done in purples and blues (Yeah baby... that's blue mascara!!!!  Hello, 1980's!) using colors from my new Day, Night, Play Palette Purse I just got from Ulta.  This thing is AWESOME and quite a find.  It's on sale right now, buy one get one half off.... just in time for Halloween dress up!!!  I actually used a coupon and got it for around $20, so it fit my quickly dwindling Halloween budget but made for quick work of putting this light fairy look together.  Check it out: The purple you see on my lips is actually the same purple I used for the crease of my eye.  To create those purple lips, I simply scraped some of the purple shadow onto my counter top using a clean bobby pin, wet a lip

I Need A Kimono

This one calls for a red and gold kimono.... don't you think!?!  If only I could get my hands on one this close to Halloween.... EVERYONE IS SOLD OUT IN MY SIZE!!!  Crap! I don't have a lot to say about this look other than to say that I used a mesh cap to create the scales.  The makeup was simply black, red and white eyeshadow!!!  Yep, another SUPER easy one for someone on a budget.  The eyes were lined using a Revlon liquid eyeliner pen and the lips are just my red OPI lipstick.  That's it.  The contacts were featured a few weeks ago (see that look HERE ).... so you see..... absolutely no bells and whistles.  Honestly, the right kimono would be all the bells and whistles you'd need to make this look stand out.  TRICK-OR-TREAT!  Seriously! Hang in there gang.... 9 more days!!! YAY!

Dark Fairy

This one is a FAVORITE!!!  When I got the white manson contacts from I also got this pink pair (cuz they were havin a sale for two!!!) and I'm thinking that I love these THE MOST!!!  For this fun Halloween look I used all the same colors that I used for my Hatless Hatter look (call me lazy.... everything was still out and on my bathroom counter) except I muted all the eye colors and gave myself a deep lip color so that all the attention would be drawn to those A-MA-ZING pink contacts.  The one addition for this look is that I went around the entire perimeter of my face with grey eyeshadow.  I then used the grey to add very light shadows under my eyes, although, those rockin pink contacts are really the only thing I see when I look at this pic!!!  All that's left is to add a little glitter around the eyes and some fairy wings on my back and I'm ready to go trick-or-treatin!!!  10 DAYS LEFT!!!

Hatless Hatter

Well.... so this in my LOOSE interpretation of Tim Burton's Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  My pinks were more on the purple side, and I didn't have white mascara but..... didn't I rock those eyebrows!!!  LOL!  And honestly, my eyelashes are so blonde, I really didn't need the white mascara anyway.  I think, in the movie, the hatter had an orange-ish brown color lining his water line on ONE of his eyes and white lining the water line of the other, then white mascara on his lashes.  I didn't have the mascara or the orange-ish liner so I lined my water lines with white pencil.  Lucky for me I already have the orange hair, but unlucky for me my hatter is missing her hat!  I really dug this one even though I was missing quite a bit.... but this look still pulled together!!! This look features Illamasqua white foundation mixed with Mac NW15 Studio Fix Foundation.  I then used various pink, purple and red eyeshadows around the eyes and cheeks.  There weren&

Fire Breather

Ok, so this one is just a quick one.  I got my yellow cat eye contacts the other day and couldn't wait to put them in and play.  I originally was going to do a cat face for my next Halloween look in my Halloween series, but when I put the contacts in they turned green up against my blue eyes.  That's ok, I kind of dig the green hue, I just wish the color was more intense!!!  And a little thing I JUST learned with contacts.... THEY MOVE!!!  It was SO HARD keeping the vertical pupils vertical!!! But they were in and so this abstract dragon emerged. As before, this look features Ben Nye and Diamond FX makeup.  I used #2 and #4 round brushes along with a 3/4" flat brush... but no wig this time, so nobody laugh at my hair!  LOL!  The yellow cat eye contacts came from (my blue eyes show through the yellow making them more of a greenish yellow cat eye). I'm thinking I need a little more practice.  The left side of my face is HORRIBLY different than

Fall High Five

Ok, THIS is AWESOME!!! I am absolutely gaga and over the moon for this Great Pumpkin cake!!!  So BECAUSE of this awesome cake (that by the way, gets a MILLION high fives from me), I decided to host a Pampered Chef show ONLINE!!!  I NEED that fluted cake pan...don't you???  So no matter where you live in the United States, you can join the party... your stuff will ship to you.   Here's all you need to do: Simply go to Click on "Shop" Choose "Pick a host" Type "Danielle" in the first host name box And "Johnson" in the second Then shop till your heart's content!!! How easy is THAT?!?  What a perfect way to celebrate the fall season.  Personally, I think this cake would look fabulous on EVERYONE'S table, and I'm working on a GLUTEN FREE Pumpkin Spice cake recipe JUST for this awesome pan and just in time for my Halloween festivities. I'm sorry, did I say one million high fi

Climbing Back On The Horse

So it has been a long week and a half since my good friend Trish passed away and THANKFULLY another dear friend came in to town to make me feel WORLDS better.  She even allowed me to use her as a guinea pig model for my Halloween series here on my blog: Now THAT is friendship!!!  Check her out!!! I'm telling you.... the right makeup and brushes makes the WORLD of difference when putting together a look for Halloween.  This was my first attempt at doing someone else's makeup, but I'm thinking that I'll keep practicing.  Maybe I'll offer to do Halloween makeup for ALL of my friends!  Anyone brave enough?  LOL!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So for those who might be wondering what I used for this look... Diamond FX White applied with a lightly dampened makeup sponge for the white base Ben Nye Pressed Shadows in Brownberry, Black, White and Soleil Red Black details were done with Ben Nye Cake Liner mixed with a couple of drops of Ben Nye LiquiSet The final details usi