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Feelin The Flow

Yesterday I talked about Pinterest and the inspiration I get there.  But recently I've gotten A TON of inspiration from Stampin Up products.  I never used to be a lover of Stampin Up.  They'd have a few neat things in each catalog, but I never saw more than a few at a time.  NOW.... I can't seem to get enough!!!  The most recent product of my infatuation are the cards pictured above.  This is the Hip Hip Hooray card kit; you get 20 cards for 20 dollars complete with cards, decorative stickers, twine, clips, three stamps AND an acrylic block!!! Now that is not my pic pictured above, that pic is from Stampin Up demonstrator Tami Waddell.  It is featured on her blog HERE along with many more great projects.  My Hip Hip Hooray card kit is with my own Stampin Up demonstrator being featured on her display.  But I've certainly taken the inspiration from this kit and RUN with it!!!   Here's a graduation card I made using some miscellaneous paper I picked up along

Me and Pinterest

Seriously, how much do we love Pinterest!?!  A couple months back I pinned a video tutorial of this INSANELY cute alligator card and I FINALLY had time to make it today.  It features a 2014 Stampin Up Sale-a-Bration stamp set called See Ya Later (sorry folks, if you didn't already get it from Stampin Up, you're gonna have to peruse ebay) along with the Decorative Dots embossing folder also from the Sale-a-Bration.  To see the tutorial, click HERE .  But this isn't just about copying someone else's designs, this is about getting your hands dirty and trying something new to get your own mojo working.  I'm talking about inspiration So here it is.... I MADE this adorable creature.  I didn't like the last line on the sentiment so I simply taped over it with scotch tape before inking.  AND THEN..... this little guy led to THIS little guy: Not exactly perfect.  I used a Spellbinder's petite oval to round off the bottom.  I'm going to play with that

One Great Day

It is SOOOOO hard working on a goal you've been working on, what seems like, forever!  Most of the time I am often overwhelmed by the overall enormity of it.  But then there are days like today where the stars seemed to align and I just feel like I've gotten it right.  So I've decided to forget my goals and start working on just having one great day.  Today was that day. The starting line was set today and just for today.  I set my goals the minute I woke up and spent about 5 minutes visualizing what today was going to be like.  I told myself, "I am good enough.  I am good enough to succeed at my goals just for today."  And I set about tackling JUST TODAY. Welp it is a little after 9 p.m., I reached the finish line and had one great day.  I fulfilled EVERYTHING I spent the morning visualizing.  I had a couple of minor hiccups (and only one tantrum), but the day rounded out nicely and I did it.  I reached ALL of my goals for today.  Here's to tomorrow b

Almost A Keeper.... Almost

This is the one that's getting away.  I made this book for my mother-in-law for mother's day using my ALL TIME FAVORITE stuff.  Suddenly I DON'T want to give it to her.  This turned out WAY better than I envisioned and I want to keep it..... is that bad??? I have to keep telling myself that this is MORE than a just a pretty bound book, this is a problem solver.... a problem solver for my mother-in-law!!!!  My mother-in-law forgets things as we all do.  So to combat this, she writes everything down in notebooks, many notebooks, notebooks that get lost with her thoughts.  So for this mother's day I decided to make her a "master memory" book.  The problem is I used all my favorite things.... I should probably just keep it shouldn't I????   I haven't made a bound book in a LONG time.  WHY didn't I expect to love this so much? Here's a side view.... check out all that dimension!!!  I used some of my favorite ribbons from the Teresa Coll

I've Got A Doozie For You

You guys... THESE TURNED OUT AMAZING!!!!  Seriously, they are like little cheesecakes!  They're RAW, gluten free and vegan.  And with no baking, these babies were quick.  I found them HERE , gave them a go and they are PERFECTION!!!! So you'll want to start with the cream (I made a couple of small variations to Sunwarrior's recipe): CREAM 1 Cup raw cashews, soaked for at least 2 hours 1/4 Cup Maple Syrup Pinch of Himalayan crystal salt 1 Heaping tsp. coconut oil 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Juice of one small lemon Zest from one small lemon Combine all ingredients in a high power blender for 1 minute.  Place in fridge to cool/set up. CRUST 1 Cup almonds 4 Dates pitted Splash of Vanilla Extract Place almonds in food processor and grind into a chunky, meal consistency.  Add dates and blend until the mixture looks crumbly and forms a ball when pressed.  I store my dates in the fridge, if you do the same, be sure to pull them out with plenty of time to get