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Reheated With Love

I discovered a special freedom yesterday like I've never known!!!  Due to work schedules I just didn't know how we were going to pull the Thanksgiving holiday off.... it was suggested that I have it catered!   So slightly begrudgingly, my husband agreed that having it catered would be something worth looking into.  After pricing the different store's holiday offerings, I decided on Fry Marketplace to cater my Thanksgiving meal. BRILLANT!!!  So two things: I chose Fry's solely on price and locale. There was going to be no way of knowing how brilliant the idea was until yesterday's Thanksgiving meal. So three express meals and one gluten free meal at Fry's cost me $149.  With my $5 off digital coupon that brought my meal to $144 that was then quickly back up to $149 with the cans of black olives I had to buy.  Then the hubs brought home 2 Village Inn pies (something we do EVERY year) for $19, the whipped cream for $4.72 and rolls for another $5 bringing


Just a quick one today.  A quick rant I should say.... Just because you forgave, that SHOULD NOT give the one that hurt you free reign to hurt you over and over.  THAT is a matter of self respect.  And quite frankly, it is a matter of respect for the offending person and anyone else they may hurt as well.  NO ONE should walk through life thinking it is ok to hurt someone else.  Forgiveness IS NOT acceptance... it is compassion for the human condition and a recognition of God's love for you and for them.  Release offense (absolutely), but take responsibility for your own happiness!  Being a martyr is every bit as bad as being an abuser! "Hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice shame on me." It is a totally different scenario when someone hurts you unintentionally... but repeated offense?  There are consequences for our actions and our inaction .  Find the strength to be happy.  You could be saving someone else.