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Quite A Long Hiatus... But I'm Back!!!

What Happened????  I've been out of commission for a LONG time!  Well... there's a story!  Isn't there always???  Let me see if I can catch you all up quickly.  So once upon a time..... the real estate market crashed, this girl lost her career and started a blog to help focus on the better times that she knew HAD to be coming.  This blog helped distract, helped to focus and was an outlet for getting and doing things that money truly couldn't buy because she didn't have any to spend.  During this time I learned that I was strong, I was resourceful and, most importantly, I was capable.  But in looking back at this blog and the HUGE gap from my last post to today, I realized that I was grateful that I documented my journey and now wish I had never stopped.  So, back to the first question... what has been happening? 1.  I got my career back and actually landed my dream job. I have the UNBELIEVABLE honor of helping folks make their dream homes a reality! 2.  My d