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For My Crafty Friends...

... and for those who aren't so crafty but are curious.... THERE'S STILL TIME!!!!  Tim Holtz (a ROCKSTAR in the art and papercrafting world) is giving away new release items from CHA 2013 and there's still time to enter and win.  His last post shows his new Stamper's Anonymous lines (Tim Holtz Blog HERE ), but be sure to read his last few posts for an awesome recap of the CHA show.  Honestly, I think I developed a permanent stutter as I looked at Tim's CHA recap... my tongue didn't work and I began to drool.  I'd be quite embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that it was going on 1 a.m. and the house was dark.  But I gotta say, the Blueprint Series is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!  Check out what Chelle Fowler created for the CHA show!!! Click HERE to see the rest of her AMAZING creations!!!  When life slows down and I can play in my craft room again, I'm SOOOOOOO scrap-jacking this wonderful card!  Have a great one gang!!!  Good luck to everyone!

When "I Love You" Doesn't Translate

Too often we say "I love you" with food.  For some time I've been trying to break that nasty habit in my household, but this way of expressing "I love you" is something that has been done to me, and I've done to other people, for my entire life.  And is it just me, or does EVERY celebration have to revolve around food???  Tonight I am committing to ending this behavior once and for all.  The trick is figuring out how to quit associating food gifting with love giving.  Here's a great example: Once, my husband brought me home a banana split... smiling from ear to ear.  I PANICKED!  For a split (pardon the pun) second I FREAKED OUT in my head thinking, "I've eaten a perfectly clean diet all week.  I'm in the home stretch.  WHY would he do this to me?  Can I REALLY turn down a banana split?  Will I hurt his feelings by turning it down?"  I honestly went through a pretty manic minute and half before asking him, "why did you buy me a b

WHERE Have You Been???

I cannot tell you how many times in the past four weeks or so I've heard that question.  Truth is, I honestly haven't been anywhere... still here.  Just VERY busy focusing on making this new year count as things are shifting for me again. A few years ago I started this little blog adventure because the real estate market was shifting (oh was it shifting... and it seemed like the end of the world) and my career seemed like it was coming to an end.  In an attempt to focus on the positive and reconnect with myself, I started (click HERE to see my very first post from November, 2008).  Well, things seem to be shifting again in my life, I've been busy prepping to move forward and was reminded this evening how important my blog was during the first shift so I thought I owed to myself (and my lovely blog family) to update my blog a bit more regularly going forward.... cuz these changes are, yet again, FUN and COMPLETELY MENTAL!!! WOW!  That was quite a r