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RIP Davy Jones

RIP Davy Jones 1945-2012:  Today is truly a sad day for me.  Davy Jones, the youngest member of the 60's TV show The Monkees died today of a heart attack.  I cannot tell you how profoundly sad I am.  I wonder if any of the Monkees truly understand what was created back then and really how their work touched others. I remember when I was first introduced to the world of The Monkees; it was 1986 and The Monkees aired on MTV.  I remember being a very sad 12 year old, living in a very volatile and abusive household, feeling alone and unhappy when a simple channel change changed everything.  I remember seeing the colorful screen, hearing the background laugh track and watching four boys (men for me actually) whooping it up and having fun all while playing INCREDIBLY uplifing music.  Something inside me felt REALLY, REALLY happy.  "I remember The Monkees",  my mom had said.  I asked my stepfather who they were and he explained that it was a popular show when he was young. 

Its Coming!!!

Saturday is almost here!!!  I'm so excited to be teaching at Craft Fusion in Chandler, AZ (class project pictured above)!!!  Its a new store with all sorts of crafty goodness.... if you haven't checked them out yet, this store's a MUST SEE!!!  As a matter of fact, give the store a ring at 480-821-3758 and you can sign up for this Saturday's class... there is still seating available!!!  It starts at 1:00 p.m., just bring yourself and your alcohol ink markers and LET'S PLAY!!!!  Hope to see you there! *One lucky student is walking away with MORE than their class project!  I've also got some awesome nail stamp goodies to give away!!!!  Sign up now so you're sure to get a spot!!!

Dilly Beans Stamps

Alright, so I've been sitting on this FOREVER!!!  Well, truth be told, this was another item that was buried in the mess that was my craft room that came to light a few weeks back with my big Feng Shui push to get my space and my life organized.  I'm JUST NOW getting around to posting this and it is LONG overdue because this digi stamp artist ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!  Above is Framed Zombie Girl With Bow digi from Dilly Beans Stamps .  These images are BEYOND cute and I'm so glad to finally be sharing them with all of you!  This card was actually completed a while back so be sure to click on the link to check out all of Megan's newest gems!!!  Her artwork reminds me of one of my favorite artists.... Jasmine Becket Griffith !!!  And to be able to get them in digis for such reasonable prices, well, you can see why it was important to share these digis with the world!  LOL!  Check her out!

A Daily Dose

I have a little babble this morning: You know... this new adventure to fit into the perfect wedding dress has me perusing my Facebook page daily for bits of motivation, inspiration and laughter.  But I'm BLOWN AWAY by how great Facebook really is!!!  In a span of about an hour I'm fed in every one of the above listed areas.... it's INCREDIBLE!!!!  But that hour brings me even MORE from my news feed.  From it, in the same amount of time, I also get world news, trending topics, educational articles and connections with my friends, family and business contacts.  Honestly, I've discovered a certain Feng Shui beauty to Facebook that, until recently, I took for granted.  What does Facebook do for you?

Good Eggs

Well.... yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!  Not only did I score AMAZING card kits from Dove Art Studio's class yesterday, but I also got to hang out with some of my favorite people!!!  Now, truth be told, I spent just about the entire day (off and on) coloring the images you see pictured.   I don't typically spend that kind of time coloring three cards, but I was working on coloring the standard "Copic" method of coloring and it was HARD for me to change up my order of application, pressure, etc.  It was almost like I was a beginner all over again!!!  I really got a taste of what my coloring students go through. are three things to keep in mind when you sit down to color with alcohol ink markers: 1.  Know YOUR mechanics and the mechanics of the pens.  Alcohol ink is like no other medium I can think of.  The blendability of this ink is AWESOME but if you try too hard, you will not get the best these markers have to give.  That means learning and prac

A Very Valuable Lesson

As you may already know, this is my first week of Curves Complete and, THE DAY BEFORE signing up for the program, I had an accident breaking a toe and hurting my back BADLY!!!  I went to my chiropractor (lightening fast) who has been working with me to overcome the back injury.  I told him that this was my first week of Curves Complete and he said that I could work out, but I needed to take things slowly... so that's what I've been doing.  What I've found during my workout, even though I'm taking the Curves circuit at a snail's pace, is that my heart rate is only SLIGHTLY slower than when I'm working out at 100%!  I'm moving through the circuit VERY slowly (skipping machines that I'm not confident using) and ending my half hour workout SWEATING!!!  I was so worried that this injury was going to keep me from being successful on the program, but as it turns out, giving it your all means different things at different times to different people.  My "a


Feelin a little animal!!!  It seems as if being laid up with back pain has it's perks!!!  RAWR!  This fun nail art was inspired by my upcoming Fun With Alcohol Ink Class on March 3rd at Craft Fusion (class starts at 1 p.m.), check out what we'll be making: In fact... if you loved the nail art above, you might want to consider signing up for this class [hint, hint].  For this class we'll be creating this ADORABLE notebook using various alcohol inks.  You're not going to want to miss this!  Along with learning how to assemble our own notebook using The Cinch and Zutter products, we will also be using alcohol inks to customize our project.  Join us and learn how to color stamped images using alcohol ink markers giving your projects depth and dimension.  Please bring your basic tool kit and alcohol ink markers (any brand) for this instruction.  There are markers to rent, but rental markers are limited so the sets will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Con

Winner Announcement!!!

Ok gang!!!  I'm a bit late with announcing the winner of my Twilighty Goody Bag but it's because I've been a little laid up.  I had a little accident with my lab puppy who is an infant in an ENORMOUS dog's body.  Well, you can kind of see where this is going!!!  About a week and a half ago I tripped over him breaking a toe and hurting my back.  This has NOT been a fun time for me so PLEASE accept my apologies for the oh-so-late winner announcement.  So the winner of my Twilighty Goody Bag is:  AKUMA KANJI!!!! Akuma Kanji said... I am very happy for you! Specially because you will use a proper wedding dress :) I had a cousin that happened the same thing. She married pregnant so she didn't wear a dress neither went to the curch, but when her son was baptized, when he was already around 8 years old, they decided to unite the ceremonies and so she had her chance to use a wedding dress. She was very radiant! ^__^ I hope everything will go just fine! Count me in in yo

Hope vs. Desire

Ok folks... today's the day!!!  Today's the first day of the 90 day Curves Complete program and my emotions are in overdrive!!!  Now, I've known FOREVER that a healthy, strong body begins in the mind.  I cannot tell you HOW many times I've read article after article about the brain being the largest muscle in the body that needs the most training, but you can KNOW information that never quite makes it to your heart.  THIS is where I really need the work!  But today I think I'm on the verge of a breakthrough! So as I was perusing the internet in search of inspiration to carry me through the next 90 days of Curves Complete I ran across THIS gem from Muscle and Fitness Hers:  Master Your Mind And that AMAZING article sparked a full-on Bible study that was desperately overdue!!!  So to start things off, the Bible very clearly points out that knowing without doing is NOTHING!!! James 2:17 - So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. I'd say

I Am Reminded

WOW!  What a morning I've had already!!!  A friend of mine was recounting some health issues she's dealing with and I was reminded what this upcoming week with Curves Complete really means to me.... how far I've come with my own health.  I'm really overwhelmed with gratitude!  And it all really started with taking responsibility. I will never tell anyone that they shouldn't seek medical advice.  But while seeking medical attention from a doctor,  make sure you take responsibility for your health as well.  And if you're sick, don't rely on someone else to take care of you!  "Cure me with a pill while I do nothing"  is not a healthy attitude!  When we are sick we should do everything in OUR power to heal.  If you're ill and you think that donuts and ice cream will heal you, then you're biggest illness might not just be physical. And I can speak as someone who used to be very ill... while food SHOULD NOT be used to medicate, it SHOULD be us

Feelin The Love

Ok... wow!  It's been a while since I've done my nails.  Judging by how short they are, you can probably guess why.  Another reason is the HUGE scar I now wear on my middle finger from when Martha Stewart tried to kill me!  Click HERE for the gory details.  But, with Valentines right around the corner, I couldn't help but do a little Konadicure for the occasion.  Well, that and I did a Konadicure for the Super Bowl (so sorry I didn't get pics before completely trashing my nails at the party... GREAT PARTY by the way!!!) that REALLY needed to go.  A girl can only go so long with all of her nails looking like tiny footballs.  Yah, kinda regretting not posting them.  So that I don't make the same mistake again... here are some cuties. So for my base coat I used Nail Aid's Pink Natural Growth Therapy followed by two coats of OPI's Got a Date To-Knight and then a coat of Seche Vite for a quick dry.  Then I went to Walmart and picked up my copy of Twilight:  Br

The Challenge and The Dresses You Requested

I forgot to mention yesterday that the owner of my Curves advised that I try out a gluten-free diet for the next 90 days during my first run at the Curves Complete program.  She is suggesting I do that because I told her about the article I read that discussed wheat intolerance being associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.... which I have.  She thought that since I'm "tweaking" my diet anyway, that it might be a great time to try this gluten-free gig and see how I feel.  I couldn't agree more!!!  But where do I start???  I first started online.... OF COURSE!!!  Here's what I came up with: Then I found:  and  and And great tips here:

A New Journey

So I joined Curves around Christmas of 2011 and just started the new Curves Complete program (my official start date is actually this upcoming Monday).  The Curves Complete program offers me everything that Weight Watchers was offering.... ONLY BETTER.  Let me tell you why its better for me.  1) I'm already working out there.  The convenience of weigh ins, education and group support all at the same place where I work out means that its more efficient for me. 2) I actually am saving money too!  I didn't think that I would save money since the Curves Complete is $200 for three months and Weight Watchers was costing me about $50/month to go to the weekly meetings.  But as it turns out,  for the extra few dollars a month with Curves Complete, both me and my husband can participate in it for that amount (the program is web based, but he CANNOT work out with me at Curves...its women only) AND I get online benefits.  Weight Watchers would have cost me an extra $49 for online good

Super Bowl XLVI

Ok gang... today is Super Bowl Sunday and I'm going to PARTY!  This year it's the Patriots vs. the Giants.  I honestly haven't kept up the football teams but I can tell you that the same was true for the last Super Bowl Party I attended and it ROCKED!!!  It was 18 years ago (GEEZ... that long really?!?) and my buddies Lynn and Wayne put it on.  It was the most memorable party I ever attended... I had THE BEST TIME!!!  My only regret is that my husband can't join me this year, although remembering that last party, I'm thinking it might be for the best.  HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, I thought I'd put together some goodies to take with me.  The pic above is one of the commemorative goody boxes I made using Stampin Up's Sizzix Matchbox die.  This die is actually one of the most used dies I own.  If you're on the fence about this one...its a MUST HAVE!!!  As you can see in the pic, four Hershey's Nuggets fit in it perfectly.  It will also hold other mini chocol

Ok... One More!

Alright.... This beauty is a preview for my next Copic class.  Thanx to my friend Melanie for inspiring this wonderful creation (I JUST re-read that email Melanie.... took me awhile, but I FINALLY did it)!!!  If you haven't ever seen Paper Blessings by Melanie , then you're in for a treat!!!  I first met Melanie when we were on The Town Scrapper design team together and she has been a source of inspiration for me ever since.  Her coloring is superb and she is the first one to introduce me to Kraftin Kimmie Stamps .  It has been a long time since I've colored these wonderful Kraftin Kimmie images and this one makes me want to order more.  I so wish the Canadian shipping strike had never occurred!  I'm so scared to place an order!!!  Should I give it another chance or shouldn't I?  Today IS Kraftin Kimmie's birthday and she's running a sale.... maybe...... *Copics used:  BG01, B18, C6, E00, E000, E11, E30, E35, E57, YG01, YG13, YG67, Y28 and W5

There's Something On My Desk!!!

After so long of having a completely unmanageably covered desk (I'm talkin the kind of "covered" that keeps you from doing ANYTHING) it was so nice to finally look at it empty... BUT, as most scrappers will tell you an empty desk is almost as suffocating as a packed one.  So take a peek at what's on my desk now!  And it's about to have company!!!  I am going to be heading to a Super Bowl party and am putting together some goodies for the super fun event.  More on that tomorrow.  I'm also doing my nails later today for the event.  OOOOOOO.... so much good stuff to share!!!  Catchall later!!! *Krista, I wrote down each of the markers that I used for this, but OF COURSE I can't find it now because my desk is clean!!!  And this cutie pie is the Sugar Nellie Simply Sassy Little Light of Mine.

Feelin The Juice!

 Wow... it has been a while since I sat down and colored.  I started this beauty some time ago and FINALLY finished her while hangin out with my fellow Paste Eaters (a little girl-power-scrapper group I LOVE attending and miss far too often).  Its nice to have a little inspiration.  It's also nice to sit and color again.  It appears that applying a little Feng Shui to my 'spaces' is just the thing the doctor ordered to get the old juices flowing!!! This one's just a simple card, but coloring ANY Make It Crafty image will take something from simple to smashing in no time.  This beauty is Pipi and I altered her a bit by removing her pigtails using Photoshop Elements.  I like the "pixie" look of her without them.  I'm gonna have to give coloring the full image a try.  To get your hands on this GORGEOUS image, click HERE . Now for those of your who read my last post and responded about my wedding dress.  STAY TUNED!!!  While I can't go shopping for my