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Huge Kelly Ripa Fan

So this one is a quick post. I'm not feeling well today and skipped Yogalachi (Body Flow) today. So instead of being at the gym right now, I'm on the web researching workouts. Fun! Here is a link to a workout that Kelly Ripa did with some co-workers. This was very interesting to watch and looked like a TON of fun, but then, I'm a huge Kelly Ripa fan anyway! I'm asking the birthday fairy for some sessions with a personal trainer! I just decided!

How 'Bout a Little French?

I know a lot of people do not like a plain french manicure. I for one LOVE them when my nails are short because I actually see them growing. Pretty soon my natural smile line starts showing and it's time for another manicure and another and pretty soon they're long again. Now if I could just leave them alone! The Konad Nail Stamper is just way too much fun and I'm just not yet tired of it! DANG IT!!!! This mani I did by mixing a couple of different pink colors (one had a slight purple sparkle that you might be able to see with the pic enlarged) because with my pink skin, I NEVER get away with beige color tones for this manicure. The biggest thing to note here is: LOOK AT MY CUTICLES!!! THEY ARE HEALED! After receiving advise from another blogger, my cuticles have done a 180! And just so everyone knows, I've been using Burts Bees solely. The stuff works great. They also have skin care for those who are suffering with the winter dry skin and want to use all natural produ

I'm Namin Names!

Ok , so my MySpace profile states under the "heroes" heading that I would not name names. I retract that! hehehe . I finally found the final person on MySpace that I wanted to thank for being a pivotal life changer! There is something very healing about saying what you left unsaid. So for all of you out there who were SO curious I will note the 8 people in my life that made the biggest difference; they are my heroes. I will start with my husband. Honey, thank you for being the one man that I have always been able to count on. Thank you for having so much in common with me and for having even less (as I COULD NOT live with myself... ahahaha ). Thank you for teaching me how to forgive and being the biggest influence in my life that I've ever had. While others laid the groundwork before you, you managed to "move mountains" with your sincerity, your loyalty and your patience. While you ARE NOT patient with the little stuff, I'm in awe of how patient you are wi

Wanna Know About "Going Raw"?

I am dehydrating this week! I am so excited. I get to work with a few more raw recipes. The recipe book that I am reading right now is cited in an article from Successfully Raw eZine . The entire article is really fantastic. If you want to check it out, it is archived July of 2006. If you can't get your hands on that, the writer of the excerpt below, also wrote an e-book ( How To Get Started With Raw Foods ). For anyone asking, "What is this raw thing you're doin anyway?" I hope this clears it up. "Raw food by contrast is replete with everything that enabled it to sprout and grow in the first place - life force, enzymes, water, oxygen, hormones, vitamins and minerals and so much more besides. Untouched, untainted, raw food is quite literally honest food - what you see is what you get. No hidden ingredients, nothing messed around with, just pure delicious fresh live food that we are designed to eat - living food for living bodies. And the good news for you is this

Sincere Thank You's!

A special thanx to Scrangie for her blue mood that inspired me! And my cuticles are healing nicely, I have actually been using sesame oil at night with the gloves. I'm on this "all natural" kick that I'm hoping is more than a phase. I'm hoping that it lasts forever, but the moisturizing and the cuticle cream ( I'm using Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream )is working wonders. I'm using the cuticle cream several times a day when I think about it and moisturizing afterward. I wish they would put the cuticle cream in a tube like Chapstick . It would be way more convenient to just roll up the tube and swipe it on my cuticles. I wonder if anyone makes cuticle cream that dispenses like that? The color that I put on is NYC Skin Tight Denim with NYC White Lights Glitter polish over top. I used Orly Bonder for the base and Creative UV topcoat. I really love the NYC colors, but the polish brush is way thin... it was hard for me to use. It seemed to go on smooth and I di

Scrapbook Project - Rolodex

Here is a project I started some time ago and am working to complete today. Thought everyone would enjoy seeing the progress so far... Due to the very poor pictures, I am going to narrate what each card says so you know how the story goes. It has a GREAT ending. Cinderella's got nothing on me! LOL Every alphabet index card in the Rolodex has another piece to a fairytale starring ME! I moved all the blank cards to the back of the Rolodex just to show how great this looks with all the miscellaneous ribbon pokin out everywhere! A-B is of course "once upon a time"! C-D is "in a land not so far away, there lived a beautiful princess". E-F is "and her name was Danielle". G-H is "she was very thin and wicked funny". I-J-K says, "One day Princess Danielle found a key in the forest and it was attached to a beautiful red ribbon." L-M says, "Anxious to discover what it opened, she put it around her neck and continued on her way."

The Polish and Vertical Space

My husband is the best! After making fun of my new obsession with nail polish for such a long time, HE actually went into a beauty supply store to pick out "the things I really need", as he put it. He browsed all the way to the back of the store to find the perfect thing to feed my soul. It is a culmination of my love for nail polish and my love of organizing! It is my new wall mounted polish rack! It's supposed to hold something like 60-90 polishes depending on the size of bottles being stored. And I gotta tell you it was dirt cheap! I could not find one on-line (the ones on-line were selling for $32... way too much!) for even near what he paid for this one. I even got a new black color club polish on sale for $2! He laughed at me the whole time he was paying at the register. "You and your nail polish!" I don't feel nearly as bad.... now that I know I'm not the only one! ;)

Master of The Obvious

You know, I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I really do miss the obvious... ALWAYS! My sister and I have been in discussion after discussion regarding what we feel the best diet is. After reading The China Study , my sister is convinced that a 100% raw diet is the way to go. I do NOT feel this way as my health has been completely turned around prescribing to a life centered around balance (I'm sorry, I have removed "balance" from my vocab. I meant harmony), balance of rest and play, balance of work and family, balance of protein and carbs , etc. The person in me knows that I am happiest when I have a little bit of everything and no one portion or area out weighs another. I also know that Leviticus Chapter 11 goes into great detail about meat that we can eat and meat that we cannot eat. But after reading The China Study , my sister is convinced that all meat is bad. I made the point that due to the fact that farmers do not give the ground a rest after 7 years (Exodus 23

A New Obsession

Well, after years of having my nails done by a professional, my finances dictate that I need to care for my own nails (that is, no more fake nails!). At first I thought this was HORRIBLE! I had my standing nail appointment for years. Prior to having them done professionally I bit them. No, I mean I really bit them... like as far back as I can remember having teeth, I remember biting my nails. So imagine my predicament . I have never taken care of my own nails and, in the past, if my real nails were exposed for any amount of time they were gnawed off. But I did it! I have been polishing and caring for my own nails now for about 7 months and I'm loving it. In fact, it's a new obsession (still second to sunglasses)! I read someones blog that stated the best way to keep from biting your nails is to care for them. I am here to tell you, after 25+ years of biting my nails, that statement is true! So after breaking three nails and reading that "vampie" colors look great o

Raw and Totally Sexy!

I just completed the Master Cleanse . Wow, that is always so tough, but sooo good for you! Your skin looks better, you have more energy, you're healthier, all of your senses are heightened , what could be sexier? Ok , so the cleanse itself... not so sexy, but the aftermath is just awesome! So to continue all that sexiness, I am incorporating raw food into my diet. I have already made almond milk, and gelato . I have even substituted raw, or rather organic because they are not "raw" once they reach over 115 degrees, ingredients into some foods that I have cooked (pancakes) because the organic ingredients are full of nutrients with no preservatives. And this is really fun experimenting with my husband. He is having a blast tasting this and that. He has even agreed to let me buy a food dehydrator for the purpose of preparing more mouth watering treats. But sexy is as sexy does, so I will keep everyone posted how this fun and mental change goes for me.

Scrapbook Closet Conversion

Ok, so about 2 years ago I FINALLY decided I needed some separate space for my scrap booking, but was very limited on space and very limited on money (scroll down for pics). I had a budget of about $500.00 +/- and a closet in my office. You can probably see where this is going! I completely gutted the closet. I removed every shelf but the top shelf that is really too high to use anyhow, but everything else went! I painted the closet and then began the search for what to put in it. It dawned on me after watching many home improvement programs on Home and Garden Television, that most low cost/high function fixes of the pro's for home organization happens at Ikea. And I just happen to have one near me. Off I went armed with the dimensions of my closet. I was surprised to find out that there were MANY affordable options to choose from and ended up spending about a week going over them (they even have "planners" on-site to help you). I finally chose a "closet organizer&qu