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General Smash Manager

As I promised earlier today... here's the big news regarding, but first let me give you a back story. I am a big believer in the law of reciprocity - what you give, is what you get. I believe that sacrifice is directly linked to success and that the heart of a volunteer is a powerful thing. So with all of these beliefs driving this bus, last year I volunteered to work for Heather Frey of I have been working for over a year and a half to increase my health and fitness and had an opportunity to give my time and service to someone with a passion for everyone on the same journey as me... I JUMPED at the chance to volunteer for that. So after devoting time volunteering last year, THIS YEAR I just got me a new title.... I am the new General Smash Manager for! There will be plenty more info to come as I get ramped in this position, so you all will get to hear about my journey. You will also get tips and hear about all the fun events happening

What A Week!!!

I just have soooo much to share... tons of things in the works. So first and foremost I have some exciting news from . I will be posting that later today. Suffice it to say that I'm going to have to REALLY ramp up my fitness... there's a reason I haven't been posting fitness and nutrition posts. I've been loafing and getting fat... hahahahaha! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but my awesome, special, fun news makes me feel like I really need to get in gear and focus. Maybe you all can help me, and we can get in gear together! Stay tuned for that.... So on top of that GREATNESS, I get to also announce that I am part of my first design team!!! I've sort of been a Gypsy freak ever since I won mine from the wonderful gals over at Cutting Above, and it's nice to be able to team up with other freaks... hahahahaha! I'm kidding of course. Actually, I'm going to be designing with some AWESOME talent. Our fearless leader is Pam over at TheBugB

It's All About The Digis

Well, yesterday's project was for a Mother's Day card for my mother... today's project is for a Mother's Day card for my mother-in-law! As you can see, I used the EXACT same materials for this card as I did for yesterdays card. It's nice to use up those scraps. Although I REALLY need to buy new ribbon. What I've got left is lookin very shabby!!! Anyhow, I used the same stuff from yesterday and a new digi stamp (also known as a digital stamp) from . What an AWESOME digi stamp site!!! I must have bought half a dozen stamps today; I'm so loving the digi! There's nothing like the immediate gratification of buying then using the stamp right away. And being able to size it to whatever project I'm working on... IT'S GOLD!!! Whether I need a 3" x 3" image, or a 6" x 6" image, I can size to fit with ANY digi stamp. You just can't get that with the beloved rubber or clear stamps. That kind of versatility can't b

Draw AND Cut An Image With Your WONDERFUL Cricut

Today I would like to walk you through my adventure to draw and cut the ice cream cone on this card using only my Cricut Expression. But first, I would like to say "Thank you" to Provocraft and the moderators of the Cricut message board for deleting my request for assistance with gel pens from their board. I appreciate the lack of customer service that goes into just about every issue I have had with Provocraft products inspiring me to solve problems on my own and create much more than solutions, but works of art. I would like to believe THAT is the reason that Provocraft neglects me as a customer... not because they are greedy and require that ONLY their products be discussed on the message board while failing to establish cooperative relationships with companies that work to improve upon their products... no, let's believe it's because they are trying to inspire our greatness through poor business practices and that their bottom line is not their only concern. And i

Blog Award Tags... I'm So Sorry!!!

I have received a couple of wonderful blog award tags that went UNRECOGNIZED!!! I am so sorry! This month has been a hectic month and I managed to allow the award notifications to get buried in the comments! I'm such a dork! So my sincere "thank you's" to Pam over at and for honoring me with these wonderful blog awards. Both sites have WONDERFUL content. Pam has the most incredible crafts (you know how I love those crafts) and I happen to know Pam and she's every bit as wonderful as the crafts she creates! And I'm new to DanussasNails, but the site is incredible and I'm thrilled that someone like her is giving ME an award! I'm thrilled to say the least. Now for the fun.... Here are the award rules: 1. Post the prize on my blog. 2. Mention the blogger who tagged me. 3. Give the prize to 5 friends. 4. Post on my blog the link to their blogs. 5. Announce everyone on their blog. 6. Make a list with 10 things tha


Ok, so I just won this AMAZING digi stamp from The Greeting Farm !!!! Not only do I adore their stamps because the images ROCK, but also because they are the perfect practice with my copic markers! And this particular stamp already has a home! I'm making it part of my garden page. This little Anya (check out club Anya for all the Anya characters HERE ) is going to be transformed into "Farmer Danielle" and posted on my garden layout. Perfect... she looks just like me! hahahahaha! Anyway, I just love winning! Remember folks, you can't win if you don't play, so run over to The Greeting Farm's Blog for all of the upcoming releases, activities, and opportunities to win free goodies! And I'll be sure to post "Farmer Danielle" as soon as she's finished! :) UPDATE: hahahahahaha... I didn't win THIS digi stamp! hahahahaha! I won a different one from last week. Be SURE to click on the blog link above to participate in THIS WEEKS give away! She su

Eye Of The Tiger

I've done these tiger stripes before for some Halloween nails that I did last year, but in looking at the amazing Color Club neons that I love so much, I was overtaken by the idea of pink on pink... TURNED OUT FABULOUS!!! So the awesomely awesome base pink is Color Club's Pink Lust and the Konad stamp is from image plate M69 in Konad's pastel pink special polish. The butterflies were done with image plate M36 with Konad's black special polish and OF COURSE I used my trusty Seche Vite for the "quick dry". These nails are delicious!!! I just think it's amazing how Color Club just NAILED neons.... all of them.... perfect! PS. Please ignore my nasty cuticles... I didn't have time today for a full mani. Not that I don't need it! After a weekend of paper crafting a full mani with some TLC for those cuticles is NEEDED, but at least I got to a polish change. Maybe a wax treatment tomorrow?

My Perfect Copic Storage

I haven't even had these a week and I've already outgrown the cup I was holding these in... HAHAHAHAHA! So I hopped online to see everyone else's storage solutions; you know I'm all about the Feng Shui!!! :) I saw Copic storage ranging from buckets to acrylic pamphlet holders to simple acrylic boxes that are stacked (there were many more storage ideas I saw and EVERY ONE OF THEM WERE BRILLIANT), but I still came back to the same issues: 1. Convertibility - If I'm anything in my craft closet, it's convertible. Everything in there has to serve multi functions... organized while I'm crafting at home and the ability to be whisked away for a crop at a moment's notice... it MUST be mobile. 2. Visibility - Keeping all of my pens in a box is not practical when one is not patient. I am not patient. If I have to dig around to find colors, you can probably bet that I just won't. I really need to be able to see what I want at a glance. 3. Organization - I wan

Wicked Style

Wow... side by side there is a HUGE difference!!! The black cat was done with Copic markers and the blonde cat was done with Stampin up markers. Now, I have been trying to shade and blend with Stampin Up markers for quite a while now... which I WAS able to do... just not well. Copics just take everything to a whole new level. I REALLY need to take the certification course! I'm sure there are a ton of techniques I can learn. For now though, I'm just going to keep practicing. I can honestly say that these markers have taken my paper crafting to a whole new level. It's the difference between black and... well, blonde! LOL! ***This stamp came from one of my favorite stamp sets: Pink Cat Studio's Cat Plate 1. This is a really good stamp set because it includes "fashion kitties" as well as "Christmas kitties". It's rare to see sets include everyday use with holiday use... it's kind of refreshing! :)

Scandalously Evil Angels

These nail blogs.... I'll tell ya!!! Surfing through them can cause a serious need to RUN out and spend money! hahahaha! I saw this mani done by Evil Angel over at Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss and was inspired, but only after viewing Scandalous over at Scandalously Polished and her AWESOME halos (holos or holographic)! So what's a girl to do? I say COMBINE!!! So here's my "Splattered" mani! I used Konad image plate M9 and Konad's eggplant special nail polish on top of the most GORGEOUS halo I've ever seen. It reminds me of a fire opal! Don't you think? 1 coat Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth 2 coats China Glaze's TTYL Topped with Seche Vite Stamped Topped AGAIN with Seche Vite So AMAZING!!! I've been wanting to do this "Splattered" mani for a while and finally got inspired by Scandalously Evil Angels! ;)

Please Step Forward!

This is another image that I purchased a while ago to hoard until I got Copics, one of those GORGEOUS images that NEEDS the color and depth of Copic markers. It's Geisha Anya from The Greeting Farm and she's a beauty! I didn't even attempt to color this with regular makers when it arrived some time back... nope, it was just gonna wait! BOY am I glad... it was worth the wait. I did this last night copying someone else's card posted SOMEWHERE online.... I SO wish I could remember where. That particular Geisha Anya project was all in blue, but because I didn't have the coordinating papers in blue, I chose to re-create it in burgundy. And when I say re-create, I mean it! This is ALMOST a perfect dupe (imitation is the greatest form of flattery.... it doesn't have to mean I'm a big ol' copy cat! hahahahaha)! I'm just really, really good! Just kidding. Honestly... it's the original card that was SOOOO good, I just had to duplicate it! I just wish I k

This Is For Vicki

I love, love, love my Copic markers!!! I do not know what took me so long to finally get them! I've known for quite some time how alcohol inks work; there have been projects posted here using Ranger/Tim Holtz alcohol inks to make background papers, etc. So why would I miss the notion that alcohol inks in pens would be the MOST BRILLIANT idea that anyone has ever come up with? You got me... but I did!!! And looking at my FIRST copic project, I am KICKING myself! Honestly it's mostly because of how EASY they are to use. This project took me half the time to complete as the project that I completed using my Stampin Up markers. The blending is effortless and the colors are DEEP but translucent. Where other dye-based markers cover up details, these Copics just sort of swim around them. I DO need a little more practice... this was just my first project, but expect MANY more posts on these wonderful Copics as I complete more projects, add more Sketch markers to my collection and dive

One Got Missed!

I was going through old blog posts yesterday and discovered that a blog post GOT MISSED!!! I never posted it. It's been sitting as a "draft" all month! Geez! And this was an important post too! A while ago, Kathleen over at OC Nail Art (and one of my awesome and stupendous sponsors) sent me the Coraline Nail Art set. Being the freak that I am for Halloween I ripped that sucker open and started playing with it IMMEDIATELY! For those who do not know, Coraline is a Tim Burton movie and Tim Burton is a master of the macabre, so since the movie is animated (older children could enjoy, not so much for the younger ones).... OF COURSE there are the most fabulous Halloween images and OF COURSE they appear in BOTH Coraline nail art sets. Being a lover of Halloween, you can imagine my excitement to receive this Coraline set. Thank you so much Kathleen! And thank you for donating a set to give away. If anyone out there hasn't had a chance to enter My Favorite Things Birthday Give

She's So Goth....

This is my little "POE-esque" card. I love, love, love the Creepy Cakes digi stamps from The Greeting Farm and am thrilled that this one worked so well with the ULTRA THICK Diamond Glaze ( JudiKins ) that I POURED on there. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! I REALLY, REALLY love this card. I also did another one with Roses... another Goth creation! I'm tellin you, there's a Goth girl screaming to get out! hahahahaha! I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with this one. It's really pretty... I'm gonna have to think on it.

Final Project This Weekend

MY KRAFTIN KIMMIE STAMPS ARRIVED!!!! These are the greatest stamps EVER made!!! Can you tell that I adore these stamps? These stamps are what started the WHOLE Copic marker adventure from a week ago (they are the ones I told you about featured on Summerthyme Studio ). Now, my Copics won't be here until Tuesday (fingers crossed), so I didn't even try to work on Charlotte (one of the two stamps I received; she's going to be my first Copic project), but pictured here is my Drucilla done with Stampin Up markers as I ATTEMPTED to blend. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it to, but the struggle with blending these markers unsuccessfully will only lend to help me once my Copics arrive. And besides, I wanted this one to show off! After all, there is a story behind me needing this stamp... this card was destined to be made over 15 years ago! :) Over the years, every time my husband would accidentally hurt me and hear me say, "OUCH", he'd always respond wi

Wow! What A Day!!!

I have been in my craft closet ALL DAY!!! Wow! That is a record even for me. I've just had quite a few things piling up that I wanted to get done, after all, I'm preparing for the Copic invasion. I want my workspace free and clear for their arrival. Yah... I really am THAT obsessed! hahahaha! So anyway, a Ms. Denise Hill over at Paper Pastime sucked me in to a challenge of sorts. She used gel pens in her Cricut making the most adorable designs. I mentioned that I had the gel pen assembly since last year and hadn't ever used it... do you think I could just leave it at that? Oh No! I committed myself to making something. So here it is... well, it's the START of something anyway. I'm waiting on some supplies to be restocked at my local Joann's to actually finish what will end up being an awesometripular old world card. But in the meantime, if anyone is intersted in using this design yourself, I have uploaded it to my cut file library that is found in the right mar

When It Rains, It Poors

This has got to stop! I'm broke! Stamps, Copic markers, paper, ink... and now *DIGI STAMPS!!! All of this is a must to prepare for when my Copics arrive, but I've GOT to slow down! Isn't it worth it though... check out that pic!!! Earlier today I mentioned that I would be posting more inspiration that I discovered at Summerthyme Studio ... well, here it is! The images in the pic are digi stamps that I purchased from The Greeting Farm . I knew OF digi stamps, but (just like Copics) I didn't see the big draw for digital stamping. OH... do I know better now. Digi stamps are the PERFECT PALETTE for coloring! Not only can you tailor the size of the image (which I'm still trying to perfect), but you can print multiples which is an awesome convenience for anyone who makes multiple cards. <---- insert guilt trip here for anyone who does not make multiple cards to send to Cards For Soldiers ! hahahaha! And the BEST discovery that I've found is that my laser printer

2 in 2

Problem: After never entering design challenges, I've entered 2 card challenges in the past 2 days! Wow... this is entry number 2! If this is how I am in just two days, then I'm scared!!! This challenge is sponsored by Amy's Paper Romance which is one of the MANY new craft resource sites that I've discovered on Ms. Vicki Garrett's WONDERFUL blog... Summerthyme Studio . You NEED to check her out along with all her incredible resources. But, WHOA MAN! What is this lady doing to me?!? She's got me buying new stamps, buying Copic markers (PULEEZE let them come next week!!! I wanna work with Copics soooo bad!), entering design challenges... yah, that's the story I'm stickin to.... "SHE'S" got me doing it!!! It's a fun adventure, so for now I'm rollin with the inspiration. I needed a little kick in the pants to get moving in my craft closet . And finding new art mediums is JUST what the doctor ordered, so "Thanx" Vicki! I'

Life Will Be Better With Copics

See... this is why I NEED Copic markers! Try as I might to blend and shade, my Stampin Up markers just aren't going to get the job done which is why I ended up highlighting with a gel pen. Life is going to be so much easier with Copics! I cannot wait to redo this card with Copics!!! Can you hear me pouting??? Hahahaha, I'm counting the days. In the meantime, I spent the day today trying to work with what I had (a WHOLE LOT of Stampin Up markers and ink pads) and this actually turned out pretty cute. I love the whole "Party In The Park" theme. I love how some projects start off one way and end up going a whole other direction. I started with this little guy (From a Greeting Farm discontinued set called Happy Chef) with a chef's hat and a cupcake, but then when it came time to decide a background, I hit a brick wall. So I grabbed some cardstock and started doodling and the park scene just sort of took form. Well there you go! Nix the hat, add a present


So that friend I was helping the other day with her scrapbook page sent me a message today asking about her layout and how her pictures should appear on her page, color or black and white? My answer was BOTH. That led me to one of my FAVORITE You Tube channels: Stamp TV . I cannot seem to get enough of this channel. Gina K has some of the most amazing scrapbooking and crafting techniques that I've ever seen. Now I, myself, wasn't particularly interested in doing any "spotlighting" (click the link above for that featured video) like I was advising my friend to do, but watching this video... yet again.... got the circular visual in my head and then the mention of a bouquet of flowers, well, I was a goner. Add to that the new blog that I just started following by the incredible artist Ms. Vicki Garrett and WHAMMY... here's the project that just had to be freed! I love how dramatic I can be! hahahahahaha! Anyway, I hope you all love this. Oh! I almost forgot to ment

My Adventure Into Copics

I FINALLY placed my first order for Copic markers. I have been OBSESSED with these markers since last year. I have researched compatible stamping inks, papers and tools. I've researched project colors and popular artists who use Copics (check out anime). I have read blog after blog with a common vein running through each in the comments: what colors are the best for beginners? While one blogger nailed the answer with, "It depends on what you will be coloring," I decided that I'd share where I started, what colors I started with and why. I plan on mastering this Copic thing and sharing the journey with all of you. If anyone has Copic resources they'd be willing to share, PULEEZE email me at . So here we go! I started with specific color families and a budget of $150. After pricing at (free shipping with $50+ order), Dick Blick's , and Joann's, I finally decided on Honestly, I have a 50% off coupo

Ultra Rapid Growth - Day 5

Yesterday was my final day for the Nail Aid's Ultra Rapid Growth nail treatment that is available at Walmart (STILL NOT AT MINE THOUGH... UGH)! Yep... this one gets many, many high fives!!! This product not only worked as a nail treatment, I will continue to use this product as a base coat. You guys can judge for yourselves as far as the growth goes. Below are the day 0 and day 5 pics.... but that "rubbery" base layer is the "GETCHA" for me! I haven't used anything like this product. My nails feel stronger and the polish goes on sooooo smoothly. As far as using this product as a topcoat... well, if I'm trying to grow my nails out quickly, then ABSOLUTELY I will use it as a topcoat as the directions tell you to do. I couldn't master the top coat application so that I didn't get ANY bubbles though, so as soon as I get my desired length (which for me is NOW) I will be switching back to my beloved Seche Vite (which I did today). The pic at the top s


I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet. I was working on a die cut for an old friend I used to go to high school with. She's putting together a scrapbook page about her family and we got to talking about Bible versus that would go with her title: Gratitude. Well, today I want to share the Bible verse that popped into my head. James 1:17 - Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. I love this scripture so much and I've spent some time thinking about it. In an ever changing world where life can (and certainly does) shift in a matter of seconds, there IS one constant that never changes and is never shadowed... God. I can't speak for anyone else, but I am grateful for that comfort. Well, then there's the part about God sending down gifts!!! Woo Hoo!!! God, can I please have the entire set of Copic Sketch Markers? What!?! That would be a PER

Day 3 Ultra Rapid Growth

Well, today is day three of my Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth test and I've gotta say... I see a difference! Do you? It looks and feels like I've gotten quite a bit of length in three days. I love how the product feels when I put it on as a base coat and my last Konadicure lasted every bit of the three days before it was time to remove and reapply... which is better than some nail products out there that AREN'T nail treatment products. There is one thing that I'm noticing when applying the Ultra Nail Growth as a topcoat (per package instructions), I'm noticing air bubbles. There are only a couple of them on very few nails, but they are there. It COULD be simply that I'm applying it too thickly. I've never used this product before and I might need to change up my normal application slightly. I will give that a try on my day 5 mani... I'll let you know. Honestly, I can already tell you that this product is getting some serious high fives from me with or wit


What is it with this Twilight epidemic??? Geez! I feel like a teenager every time I see trailers. And then of course I run to the previously released DVD's (that I just HAD to own and watch at 12:01 a.m. the day of their release because freakin Blockbuster just HAS to have those stupid DVD release parties and even though I KNOW that I'm going to be waiting in line with five million screaming teenagers... and their mothers.... to pick up my PRE-ordered copy, I'm totally game because suddenly I'm one of them) so that I can RE-absorb all the Twilight goodness before the release of the next film in the theater. Except this time, not only am I currently re-watching Twilight and New Moon, I'm ALSO re-reading Eclipse... that's after just finishing Breaking Dawn. Yah, I'm obsessed. And while I say that I feel like a teenager, the weird thing is, I wasn't like this AT ALL as a teenager. I couldn't be! My family didn't have the money to purchase multiple b

Where God Is Present

I'm tagging this post under Bible Study, but a Bible study isn't really a part of today's blog post. It's really just an observation that struck me this morning while I was in the garden. First off: MY FIRST SPROUT OF 2010!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! And of course its Zucchini! I love zucchini and seemed to have mastered growing it last year with my first garden ever. So I'm not surprised that I'm pulling it off again this year. But while I was in the garden this morning it hit me how our creator... call Him whatever is applicable to your particular faith, made us to constantly be creating (*please note here that I'm not taking any glory from God, I'm only referring to the work I'm doing with my hands. But I will add that it is my own personal belief that there is the power of creation in our free will). Moving the soil of our lives around, burying seeds and watching it grow.... creating something of beauty that is useful. Of course we can't forget that we n

Nail Aid's Ultra Rapid Growth

**** Be sure to enter my Favorite Things Birthday Give Away by clicking: HERE ! Huh! So, I had to remove the nail polish that I was wearing yesterday to apply the Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth to test, and since the directions say that you can apply one coat followed by color.... OF COURSE I had to do another Konadacure!!! And since I won't be wearing this longer than 3 days (also per directions), I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween theme.... you all KNOW how much I ADORE Halloween (in April???)!!! And these are super fun. So here's how: 1 basecoat of Nail Aid's New Ultra Rapid Growth (available at your local Walmart VERY soon) 2 coats of Orly's Mirror Mirror Konad for the web is found on IP S6 and done with Konad's White Special Polish Konad for the spider is found on IP M1 and done with Konad's Black Special Polish 1 topcoat of Nail Aid's New Ultra Rapid Growth This is the FIRST time that I've ever used this product. So far I LOVE it. Now I'


Ok... here we go! Here are the pix for the goodies that one lucky follower is going to win on May 7th!!! So exciting!!! To enter the drawing, click on this link: HERE . I will be posting the results of my test run with the Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth next week. I put 2 coats on tonight and will follow up with a coat every night for three days and then I'll remove it and start over. I'm supposed to have longer stronger nails in 5 days... we'll see!!! Honestly, with the AWESOME experiences I've already had with Nail Aid's products, I'm pretty confident that this will do everything it says it'll do. But to make sure, I took before pics. The Ultra Rapid Grow and the Maximum Iron Hardener (also by Nail Aid) are both new products that are available at Walmart. The lucky winner on May 7th gets a bottle of each! :) Two items in the prize haul didn't make it into the pics: the Seche Vite Topcoat and the Soaptopia Double Bubble 2-Soap Gift Box. The Seche Vite hasn

My Favorite Things Birthday Give-Away!!!

IT IS ON! Ok... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I get to give stuff away! And not just ANY stuff.... MY FAVORITE STUFF!!!! Well, not ALL my favorite stuff, but certainly my favorites for at least ONE of my obsessions: NAILS!!! Maybe next year for my birthday I will be giving away craft supplies and exercise equipment... that would be AWESOME!!! But, this year's birthday give-away is HUGE with my favorite nail and beauty products and is open to ALL my followers. You guys are the best and deserve the best, so here is what ONE lucky winner is going to score: The Prize Haul: Konad Nail Art Stamping Set - Coraline I (I am addicted to Konad and I LOVE this set) Konad Nail art image disc - M63 (A little something extra from Kathleen... thank you) Fragrance Oil Set, types: China Rain, White Linen, Obsession (I love these for my relaxing baths) Nail Aid Nail Treatment Set including: Pink Natural Growth Therapy, Instant Wrap, Clear Liquid Bandage, Cuticle Cure, Peeling Nail Intense Repai

Happy Easter

So I'm reading Breaking Dawn on the Kindle (love it***) that I got for my birthday and AS ALWAYS when reading the Bella-Edward-Jacob saga, I feel compelled to dip into the black nail polish. Seriously... I have such a goth girl inside underneath all those freckles and pink skin!!! But I don't want to just pull a full-on black mani with it being Easter and all, so I "spring'd" it up with a GORGEOUS dusty pink chrome by Creative called Strawberry Smoothie. I think I was able to "bunny" this one up quite nicely in spite of the black!!! So, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! I used the Northern Lights glitter topcoat to give this one even more of a festive sparkle for the holiday and of course, nothing shows off it's awesomeness like a blurry action shot! Check it out (click on the picture to enlarge it... trust me, the enlarged picture RAWKS!). The black was done with Konad's special polish with image plates M71 and M19. *** And yes, I had a little drama wit

ANOTHER Give-Away???

I am SOOOO freakin excited!!! This month is my birthday month and next week I will be kicking off ANOTHER give-away. That's right, I'm stretchin, but I get to give away the presents which is a birthday gift all its own! And this one is SOOOO worth it because it's all my favorite stuff! Check out the prize haul: So far I have a Konad Coraline Nail Stamping Set generously donated by OC Nail Art along with one of my NEWEST favorite Konad image plates, #M63. Truth be told, they are all my favorites... but don't tell my husband!!! ;) Whoops! I got side-tracked... ON TOP OF THAT, I also have a collection of fragrance oils that I love to add to my bath water. ON TOP OF THAT, I have A TON of Nail Aid products that was another generous donation by Nail Aid . Not only did they donate EVERY ONE of my favorite nail treatments, they also donated two products that are newly available at Walmart that I haven't even tried yet... that's like 7 different Nail Aid products!!! Oh,