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5 REALLY GOOD Tips For Speed Cleaning

I have been SOOOOO behind (as I've already complained about in previous posts) putting the new house together, painting, unpacking boxes and whatnot... add to that my husband's slow recovery from surgery and a sprinkling of family drama and you've got yourself a girl who is completely behind in EVERYTHING.  WHY am I so fatigued and WHY is it so difficult to catch up?  Maybe I just needed a little R&R, a little "me" time to veg in front of the TV.  So off I went, remote control in hand ready to sit and veg except...... OH YEAH, that's right!  I'm behind on housework as well and the dang handprint someone left in the dust on the TV is suddenly a distraction that cannot be ignored.  In fact, its the only thing I can see when I look at the screen.  Time to clean, and clean I did!!!  In fact, I've never cleaned faster and I want to share my 5 tips to speed cleaning (plus a bonus).  And once I got started, a little burst of energy was a welcomed perk.