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Hawaiian Chicken Skewers

Ok folks!!!  It has been A LONG time since I posted the healthy stuff cooking (and not cooking) in my kitchen!  Honestly, I've been on again/off again with the healthy living so there hasn't been a lot to post.  But thanks to some inspiration by my new blog buddy Audra of Audra's Foodtopia  (and a little program called Curves Complete ), I'm back in the saddle and ROCKIN IT for the past 5 weeks!!!  Last week, on her facebook fan page she came up with a brilliant idea to expand our healthy eating by running a little food challenge.  She picked a healthy recipe to make sometime during the week to "present" today with how we made it, what we thought, etc.  So her healthy recipe was Hawaiian Chicken Skewers .  WOW!  What a way to start the show!!! So, I don't have skewers, nor did I want to grill (its already getting hot in the afternoons here in sunny AZ) so I decided to do a little "deconstructed" version of this heavenly dish.  First I cooked di