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My Apologies

Ok all my beloved bloggers... I have been sorely neglecting all of you, I know! Life has been down right out of control for the past couple of months. After packing and moving, dealing with some disappointment that we all experience in life, and saying good-bye to loved ones, I'm finally getting things "back to normal". Actually, I'm working on getting everything "BETTER than normal". I joined a new gym and am getting ready to start my scheduled Master Cleanse tomorrow! I unpacked and arranged my craft room and am working on getting the entire house RE-organized. Finally, I'm trying to grow my nails back out. Packing up my house resulted in broken nails and the drama, that always accompanies moving, got me gnawing at them. It's past time to chill out and let them grow back! Lucky for me, I JUST unpacked my Nail Aid Ultra Rapid Growth! I know one girl who will be having a manicure tonight! hahahahahaha! Anyway gang, thanx so much for hangin

To Err Is Divine

The card pictured here is the result of a HUGE error! I started this card as a feature for the Stitch Challenge that ended up being cancelled over at The Town Scrapper because of our summer hiatus. But, while attempting to sew some stitches on the dress of this sweet little Sophie With Bear by Victoria Case, I accidentally sewed her legs right off.... good thing the challenge got cancelled... no telling who else could have been hurt! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! When I began this little sewing adventure, I didn't take into account that because the image is so small that the small stitches would actually act as perforations to inevitably sever this poor girls legs completely off. So after about a half an hour of rolling on the floor laughing, I FINALLY pulled myself together enough to figure out how I was going to fix this project. I KNEW I could salvage this; so I nixed stitching her dress (although you can still see SOME of the tiny stitching I did on her bodice) and turned this into a cam

Bad To The Bone

WOW, WOW, WOW! This little Ebony stamp from The Greeting Farm is SOOOOO up my alley! Really, she colored herself folks since this little chickie looks like me... SUPER easy! HAHAHAHAHAHA! She's bad to the bone, isn't she? Anyway, be sure to head over to The Town Scrapper to check out today's awesomely wonderful Monday Showcase. The design team did a FANTASTIC job! When you get over there, be sure to click on the "Store Info" tab to send Phebe an email asking about the incredible specials that she's running this month... tell her FitterTwit sent you! ;) Happy Monday!! :)

US Governments... Acquire The Taste

This 4th of July has been seriously tainted for me... like it was exposed to E-coli! I have an unbelievable discouragement for our government, the American people and the state of our union that is just exacerbated by news reports that financially strapped states are proposing to require sales tax on items purchased online. This report aired minutes after a news report of local cities looking to cut MORE emergency services because our "local governments can't afford" to pay salaries. But yet, I drive down my own city's main street to see multi-million dollar government buildings being erected.** I'M SICK OF IT!!! Why is no one talking about the REAL issue with our economy today???? Our governments are not being held accountable for their spending!!! Money is being wasted at a time when there IS NONE! And instead of our governments perfecting the fine art of budgeting (which REQUIRES that spending habits must change as financial flow changes), they continue their s


Something tells me the name of this post will send my readers FLOCKING to snag an awesome deal... luckily I just so happen to have one. What if I told you that I had something that would help you burn excess calories, get fit and trim, all without taking away from your already hectic schedule? What if I told you that it is yours free of charge!?! No memberships to purchase, no club dues and no trainers to pay... FREE!!! Gang... the freebie that I'm offering you IS your hectic schedule!!! I used to HATE grocery shopping and house cleaning and running errands, that was, until I got a Body Bugg that started monitoring my calories burned every day. And when I set a goal that I wanted to take 10,000 steps a day and burn and extra 500 calories per week that would be charted and graphed by the minute using the Body Bugg software for the ultimate accountability... well, suddenly my hectic schedule had some serious value. Suddenly it was something I looked forward to and not dreaded. Grocer

Halloween In July

Ok, so this little gem took on a life of its own while I was coloring this cute little Victoria Case stamp called Magical Sophie. Now maybe it was the name of the stamp, or maybe it was the colors that I chose while coloring her, but this card ended up being one of the coolest Halloween cards I've ever made. Now you all know how much I adore Halloween (don't you?), so isn't this image PERFECT for me!?! I had a blast coloring her too! Although I'm decided that I need to find the perfect paper for Copic coloring. I've been using Gina K, but with the amount of ink that I "lay down", I'm finding that the Gina K paper isn't holding all the ink that I use. I'm starting to get some pooling... which you can kind of see on this card here. I was just told about some Xpress-It paper (out of AU) that is supposed to work a lot better, but unfortunately, its not here in the US yet! DANG IT!!! I need to get my hands on some GOOD paper to use with my Copics. T