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Give Me A Little Sugar

Ok, No joke.... I DID NOT realize that I have a sweet tooth!!!  I'm 10 days into this 17 Day Diet and the "sugar cleanse" phase of it and I'd poke my own eyes out for some sugar.  REALLY???  Me, the person who does the Master Cleanse twice a year, the one who can always pass on cake and ice cream???  I've always known that I have very little will power when it comes to foods like pasta, cheese and bread, but sugar???  I cut processed sugar from my diet years ago.  We don't even have traditional granulated sugar in our house... and right now all I can think of is eating the stuff by the spoonful... YUCK!!!  Yep, I clearly had a problem with sugar and not directly from the sugar jar. Luckily, because I DO do the Master Cleanse twice a year, I can pinpoint this UNBELIEVABLE craving for what it is.... it means the 17 Day Diet is working.  Our bodies ALWAYS crave whatever poison is being removed from our systems.  Our bodies have a nasty characteristic of not wan


So... it has been a TERRIBLE month!!!  With the passing of our lab and now my husband having a stroke, I gotta say, I'm exhausted.  After all, this IS about ME, right?!?  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I'm really only making a joke here because I'm on overload with every other emotion.  The reality is, my husband had a real scare and it left me with real feelings of guilt because I've allowed (and in most cases, led the coup) us to fall off our path of healthy living that we worked so hard on over the past two years.  We backslid into unhealthy eating and missing workouts.  Welp, we just had a wake-up call in one of the biggest ways imaginable.  There are only two things more important than our health, God and the health of our spouse.  And it's a funny thing that happens when we put our priorities in check, we actually DO take care of ourselves in the process.  Enter the 17 Day Diet.... and we are now on day 6. Health and diet books were at the top of my list for reading materia

Goodbye and Hello

It has been a LONG time since I've suffered a loss that has shattered my heart to pieces, but I recently had to say goodbye to my 13 year old black lab baby.  His name was Sunny and he really was the light of my life.  We got him at the pound the day AFTER the pound neutered him at 5 weeks old!!!   Needless to say, 2 days after we brought him home, the vet bill was already a whopping $900.  Turns out that the surgery was quite difficult for him for two reasons:  1) he was way too young for it in the first place and 2) he had contracted valley fever from whatever environment he had come from.  These two variables culminated to him breathing vomit during his surgery and developing asphyxiated pneumonia.  The little cough that I noted while spending time with him at the pound developed into a VIOLENT cough over the next 48 hours.  After two weeks of treatments from the vet, dropping him off at the vet each morning and then taking him home each night with his IV left in his arm and tap

I'm Terribly Late.... I Know.

Yes, Yes... I'm terribly late... I know!  I was supposed to announce on April 1st that I'm having ANOTHER Favorite Things Birthday Give Away.  Well, here I am.... 7 days late, I'm here with the announcement.  BUT FIRST:  Let's check out some of the prize goodies!!! So pictured above is nail treatments from my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE nail treatment company... Nail Aid .  I LOVE their products, I LOVE their company and I LOVE their service.  And this year they GENEROUSLY donated another HAUL of their new products available at Walmart (check your local store for availability as I'm finding that not all of them carry it... which is NUTS!).  They are just so generous... THAT'S FIVE PRODUCTS!!!  Now I've never tried these products... being that they are new, but I personally use MANY of their products and I love them.  So be sure to check out their website by clicking the link above.  And just so you know which ones are my favorites, I use:  Ultra Rapid Growth