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You Too Can Upgrade That Wedding Jewelry

  This year is a special year for me and the mister.... 17 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!!  That is definitely something to be excited about!  And to celebrate, he and I went RING SHOPPING TODAY!!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!  We won't actually be celebrating our anniversary for a while, but why wait!?!  Every day is the perfect day for new jewelry, right?!? When he and I first discussed the idea of upgrading, I was concerned that our finances just wouldn't allow for a new ring purchase.... let alone an UPGRADE.  Then we discovered it CAN be done and within budget if you're willing to "trade in" or "recycle" what you currently have, so I wanted to share what we learned.  I also thought I'd show you some of my favorite styles of rings, so I'll sprinkle those along the way throughout this post.  Clicking on the pics will open links that will take you to the sites where I found these rings.  You'll just have to wait (like me) to see what I actually end up with

My Favorite Things Winner!!!!

Boy... this year's Favorite Things Birthday Give Away was pretty sparse!!!!!  ONLY 7 ENTRIES????  Welp, the odds were in EVERYONE'S favor this time.  I'm happy to announce, thanx to' that LORI'S the big winner.  Lori Barnett said... Ok...I wanted to go to Curves....but to far to drive. I love this idea instead! I wlll share with a friend! March 22, 2014 at 8:14 AM I don't think I've ever seen #1 get picked on the random number generator.  Congrats Lori!!!  And thanks to the other 6 people who participated.  I really shouldn't be as surprised as I am that more folks didn't enter.  This is what happens when you're MIA on your blog for as long as I was.  But I'm sooooooo happy for you Lori.... I just KNOW you're going to LOVE them!!!

Birthday Lasagna 2014

Well this year's birthday lasagna includes a gluten free version (made with rice noodles) and an ENTIRE lasagna that I can't have any portion of as it was made with wheat noodles.  The hubs usually makes a lasagna for the freezer with extra ingredients, but this year he decided to make a lasagna for himself... for my birthday.  I'm trying VERY hard not to be stingy.... NOT VERY EASY when you are talking about birthday lasagna!!!  And, come on!  It sure does look scrumptious... come to think of it, they BOTH do.  You really can't tell them apart.  A special thank you to my husband for slaving in the kitchen again this year.  And I'll try to look past the wheat abomination that you created for yourself.  We're coming up on LAST CALL to enter my Favorite Things Birthday Give Away!!!  Click HERE to enter.... I'm giving away a portable gym, no joke!!!

It's Almost Here

  Less than a week left to enter my favorite things birthday giveaway!!!  Click HERE to enter.  That is all!