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Worth The Wait

So I recently became a member of Young Living Essential Oils.  I became a member just before one of the biggest growth spurts this company has ever known and RIGHT as holiday sales are ramping up.  Needless to say, I had to WAIT for my Starter Kit and I was NOT happy.  But then the kit came and I tried the oils.  Can I just say.... SOOOOOOOO worth the wait.  This isn't my FIRST bout of impatience: Once upon a time in a land of tumbleweeds and super hot summers, a beautiful, charismatic and really quite skinny girl made her first trip to a well-known coffee shop. She met a friend there who was full of excitement and seemed to have a knowing glint in her eye. After 20 minutes our super hot, skinny, well-spoken, charismatic girl got a little irritated with the wait. "Why am I standing in a 20 minute line for a cup of coffee? Why would ANYONE wait for this? Don't th ese people have lives?" To which her friend turned to her and said, "THIS coffee is like n

Binge Days

What is it that sets me off?  I don't know what it is, but there are days I want to eat non-stop.  And I mean literally just keep chewing and chewing until my jaw seizes... except it never does.  I've always been a lover of food; a little is never enough.  Some people talk about emotional eating or bordom eating.... seriously gang.... I will eat just to eat. I will eat because things are going bad; I will eat because things are going great. I will eat because nothing's on TV; I will eat because something good is on.  I will eat because I'm going out, or because I'm staying in.  There is no rhyme or reason to why I binge.  I know, because I've been journaling about it for years.  But recently, I've noticed that there are certain foods that have been making me feel satisfied, that I can also eat a lot of, but doesn't cause damage to my weight loss achievements.  Here is a list of foods I've been incorporating into my binge days *479 Degrees Asiago