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I'm Not The Know It All I Thought I Was

Ok, its been a little bit blogland!  I've been busy working on my girlish figure and daydreaming about the wedding dress I'm gonna wear next year.  You all know that I was on the Curves Complete program... welp, I finished my 12 week round, took a month off and JUST started another round.  I'm POSITIVE that this is the vehicle to get me to my goal and more importantly - keep me there.  Let me tell you why.  Let me share with you the greatest lesson I think I've ever learned (well, certainly, its in the top 5)! I spent eleven weeks of the twelve week program losing weight consistently.  Some weeks were better than others losing up to 4 pounds in a week other weeks weren't as good because, well, I'm a girl!  Guys have NO IDEA what we go through every single month and it REALLY ruins an entire week ESPECIALLY if you're getting on a scale.  But even with that, I lost EVERY week for 11 weeks.  Then, at my LAST weigh in at the end of my 12th week, I gained 2

Mildred Turns 100

There are moments in life that God allows you, for no real reason that you are aware of at the time, to be a part of something MONUMENTAL.  A moment that changes you, inspires you, blesses you and truly humbles you to the core maybe just to remind you that He cares.  I had that moment last night and am having a little trouble putting the experience into words today. But, I really do want to share the experience with all of you, so I'll start with the obvious and see where that takes me.  I was invited to attend Mildred's 100th birthday party last night. I don't know Mildred very well, but I've gotten to work out with her a couple of times at my Curves.  Yes gang, Mildred is 100 and works out at Curves!  To see this woman working out in the circuit at 100 blows my mind and fills me with inspiration beyond measure.  If you ask Mildred what the secret to living so long is, she'll tell you, "You gotta move Honey!" I don't know what I expected exactl

For Donna

Ok... so it has been A LONG time since I first posted my amazing and wonderful Scrap Closet Conversion .  A lot has changed as well.  Since I first converted a tiny closet into a craft space, my family has moved and I NOW have an entire room devoted to this wonderful hobby.  Furniture has been added and I've been able to expand quite a bit (check out my new craft table... thanx Cindy).  Sometimes that serves me, sometimes it doesn't.  I find that I need to be WAY MORE DILIGENT to keep my spaces clean and organized, more than I ever did in my beloved craft closet.  Unfortunately, when you spread out, so does the mess!!!  But I'm doing well with it and still employ a lot of the storage solutions I discovered way back when. Recently, my new friend from Idaho, Donna ,  asked me about MY storage solution ideas, so I thought I would share my favorites!!!  I'll start with the one that I'm personally challenged the most with... let's check out ribbon. I REALLY hat

2012 Favorite Things Birthday Give Away WINNER!!!

AND THE WINNER IS...... Sarah said... Happy Birthday! ^_^ That cake looks delicious! walkerjs7920 at gmail dot com Thank you to everyone who played along!!!  I had a terrific birthday and in no small part to all of your wonderful comments and THIS AWESOME BOOK!!!  To get a copy of your very own, click HERE!!!  Its worth every penny!!! Have a great one gang and I'll see you here next year for another incredible Favorite Things Birthday Give Away!!!