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There are so many people who make "deposits" into our lives. Things that are said that we literally take to heart and make part of who we are. These people can be our programmers if we aren't careful. It starts with our parents and fortunately or unfortunately, THEY install our operating systems. What our parents and family tell us as children lays the groundwork for who we become down the road and what we believe about ourselves. Being so young, we have no reasoning skills and therefore no control of our mainframes. But there IS a point where WE decide what programs will be integrated and WHO influences our internal connections. In some cases (like in my case) the problem lies with needing to RE-wire the mainframe and upgrade that operating system.

If you're like me, because of bad wiring, it can be a struggle believing that you're good and strong and capable and deserving. But if you are struggling, it's important to understand that the struggle itself is a WONDERFUL gauge. Focusing on lessening the struggle is where you begin taking control of your own wiring. And when I talk about wiring, I'm talking about what you are internalizing and connecting with and virtually becoming. What internal dialogue is happening; what external dialogue is happening? If at any time it's contrary to the programming you desire, CHANGE IT! YOU decide who you are, how you will be and what you are capable of. NO ONE ELSE!!! And that struggle you feel... it's your guide to get you where you want to go. Work on lessening that struggle a little each day and reprogram yourself to give you the results you're after.

Finally, control what "cookies" are attaching to your program. The hackers around you that are trying to infect you with viruses through negative thoughts, words and actions need to be set aside. Instead, inviting positive add-ons will reinforce your wiring efforts eventually producing strong internal connections.... i.e. no struggle. From quitting smoking, to getting fit and healthy, connecting to everything that says you will be successful will reinforce your programing to be successful. Thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life today who are supplying 'good cookies' with positive encouragement and reinforcement that I AM everything I think I am. Luckily, in our technology driven age, our computers can be a major success tool for just about any rewiring you might be working on.

Message boards, social networks, blogs and websites provide an unending source for positive input (as well as output) to shift your paradigms and your focus bringing you closer to the person you want to be or rather achieve success with your goals. Get to know these resources, how to use them safely, and I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to control the deposits that are being made into your life and how easy rewiring can be. If you think you can't, you can't. If you think you can, you can. That is by far the greatest paradigm of them all.

NOTE: A special thank you to my friend Heather Frey of for providing input that makes my rewiring easier every day! THANK YOU! Your trainers ROCK!


Past 7 Days....

I Love Being Hit By Mack Trucks

Ok, so my friend Cindy came over to play with all her new Stampin Up goodies.  When I first looked at the Yippee Skippee stamp set I fell in love with all but ONE stamp, "Never Underestimate The Power of Two"????  What the heck does that mean???  Is that supposed to be a "couples" stamp, like for Valentines or weddings or something?  I don't know, but when you apply that sentiment to alcohol, well..... Isn't it JUST so obvious how perfect this sentiment is?!?  I mean, it was like being hit with a Mack truck!  LOL!  Cindy and I were SOOOO proud of ourselves!!!  This card is AWESOME!!!!  We added the "or three" to the end realizing that it is just funnier that way!!!  We used a TON of Stampin Up goodies for this card: Inks and Papers - Crushed Curry, Calypso Coral, Bermuda Bay, Basic Black, Whisper White Stamp Sets - Yippee Skippy, Happy Hour Tools - Big Shot, Banners Framelits, Paper Piercer, Paper Piercing Mat Additional - Linen Thread,

You'd Think I'd Have Had Enough!

Wow.... so HOW many times can I use this image??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't help it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Victoria Case Magical Sophie stamp !!! But, I promise, this is the last time you'll see her this season. I've got WAY too many new and oh-so-cute stamps and goodies coming and I'll have to use ALL of them this Halloween.... you know how it is. So I did this card for The Town Scrapper (which, BTW, is where I got this cute little gem). Today starts the sketch challenge for the week over there. If you'd like to participate, click on the link above. Of all types of challenges, sketch challenges are my favorite. And this particular sketch is super fun just because of all the design elements that are so perfectly placed. Check back in tomorrow... I will be announcing the winner of the October 31st Cricut Cartridge. There's still time to enter, here's THE LINK for the details. Good luck everyone! :)

Dealing With A Deep Pantry

Well... I am putting things together in the new house.  We've moved and I'm starting to find stuff in the mountain of boxes... unfortunately, my camera cord is not one of them!!!  So sorry in advance for the pics that are coming in the next few postings while I look for it.  But with Kevin's surgery over with and getting out of cramped quarters in the apartment, I'm finally getting my life back and into the swing of ORGANIZING the new home!!!  Needless to say, after such a long time of not posting, I have a few things to show you.  But I'm going to start with the pantry. When we first purchased the house I had grand designs to turn this DEEP pantry into a step in-pantry by removing the shelving that is currently in there and replacing it with thinner shelving (going from about 20" shelves to 12" shelves).  There is nothing worse than a pantry that hides stuff because things get buried in deep shelving.  But after paying movers and buying window coverin